boots: target; pants: panache; sweater: david's side of the closet; thermal: american apparel

goodness gracious, i love these pants.
and i know i don't have to wear these boots anymore...but i'm still doing it. why? because i can.

so, here's a rant.
i hate uggs. i hate hate hate them.
i believe this started in california, where i went to high school. girls would come to school wearing those awful abercrombie/hollister denim mini skirts...with uggs. 
ok, 1.) big moon boots just look creepy when attached to bare, pencil-thin, 16 year old legs, and 2.) if you're wearing a mini skirt, it is NOT cold enough to necessitate fleece-lined boots.
and now i live in rexburg, where it actually is cold enough to maybe necessitate big ol' boots, but i still just don't like them. i think they're clunky and awkward and 80% of the people here wear them. plus, don't they get all soggy and heavy if they get wet? i don't know. i wear regular shoes + thick, wooly socks and my feet stay nice and warm.
now, don't think i hate people who wear uggs. some of my very bestest friends sport them and i still think they're classy, well-dressed ladies and i love them with my whole heart. i just probably won't be borrowing their uggs anytime soon.


  1. Um, I agree....about the Uggs part!

    You look HOT. I just have a thing for wearing men's clothes. And this outfit is the bomb because of that.


  2. i love that you hate uggs. but if my friends wore them, it would not be classy. it would be adios! but i'm cruel like that

  3. They'll only be acceptable once those bright red onsie long johns come back into fashion. With the button down butt flap. Oh, and overalls.

  4. Hahaha I know what you mean! People at my old college used to wear them with those ever-so-popular running shorts.

    although I have an off brand and waterproof them when it just gets too darn cold for my toosies..

  5. Whenever I see a girl (or woman) wearing Uggs, it makes me want to cry! I completely agree with you about those shoes; every pair of them still existing should be burned...

  6. i came upon your blog the other day (via kate) and i just wanted to tell you that i really, seriously heard someone call leggings "leg-uhns" and i was all, "hey, i just read about that on that one girl's blog that i don't know!"

    my husband is from rexburg so we make it back every two years or so and i am definitely coming by your store! it's good to see that rexburg is making its way up...

    and uh oh, i wore my uggs today. but i've never worn them with a miniskirt.

  7. I love love love this outfit. You look gorgeous. Looks incredibly comfortable..I'm jealous! Such a nice sweater your husband has!

  8. oh my goodness. i was this close to posting something just like this. ("it's actually cold enough to buy uggs but someone stop be before i make a horrible mistake") i hate them so much...

    and this outfit was just as cute in person!

  9. you shut your mouth! i cry daily because my uggs make my feet sweat here.

    also, i have limited-edition cheetah-printed ones...and they. are. awesome. (change your mind yet??)

  10. Do knock off uggs count? Haha! Seriously, I'm pretty well-aware that my gray moon boots aren't super classy and that you love me anyway. It's just that, to your demise, in Rexburg winters it's fuction over fashion haha!

  11. Pretty much my exact feelings on the subject. :-)

  12. I totally agree!
    Your blog is so cute and you are freakin hilarious! :) Can't wait to ready more!

  13. I know this comment is late, considering how old this post is...but I have to agree. Uggs are awful. I dislike them as well!
    I really love your blog! It so cute.

    Happy holidays,


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