yoga + horses

boots, jeans, cardi: target; top: buckle; belt: panache
i went to yoga class this morning!
it was much needed. i've been a slug in rexburg and it felt good to stretch myself out and twist and oommmmm.

also, this afternoon my family went to cavalia! my dad surprised us with tickets and we were all SO excited for today. we drove into the city and knew the minute we saw the tents that it would be amazing, even more so for the members of my family who are horse-inclined (most of us). it didn't disappoint at all...seriously awesome stuff.

sp, yep, yoga and horses and family and sourdough bread...today was pretty great.

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  1. You look terrific in your outfit picture. The colors are so crisp and the background is beautiful!
    I had to click on the link to Cavalia because I had never heard of it before - it sounds fun!

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