army coat

this isn't a super exciting outfit post, i just wanted to tell you about my ammmazing new coat.

so i was at h&m the other day and i saw this long, puffy, blue coat.
so i said, "mom. look at this coat. i could totally use a coat like this in rexburg."
and she was all, "bran, it's $60. jcpenny is probably having their end-of-year outerwear sale and you could get a seriously warm coat for that same price." how wise she is.
so i did! it was originally like $180 but with 70% off + a gift card my mom's had in her purse for a couple years that she let me use...i got a smokin' deal. i don't ever shop jcpenny but i'm digging this coat! warm x50.
david has (and wears!) his dad's old air force coat and now we're totally twins. i love matching people i love...which is maybe weird. don't care.

today was way productive.

+ bought books for the new semester 
(life of pi / the road / the things they carried / i think i'm going to love post-modern lit)
+ got david hooked up with health insurance  
(married to a GRADUATE !)
+ got a rock chip repaired on my windshield  
(road trip yesterday)
+ got michelle moved into her apt.  
(she's rooming with shpitty! jealous!)
+ tried to discreetly squeeze david's bum  
(he got new jeans & they're cute)
+ shaved my legs
+ ate a delicious grilled-cheese-and-tomato sandwich 
+ put new jewelry and 2 shirts out in the store  
+ hung out with my momma almost all day
(she da best)
( (does anyone say 'da' anymore? dangit.) )

that is all.
thank you & good night.


  1. life of pi is a seriously awesome book. i read it back to back to back, i couldnt get enough! i hope you like it too. and that jacket is rockin ps.

  2. Seriously, you WERE productive. I'm still wearing the same thing I slept in last night. I only left the apartment once for about 20 seconds to spray paint some clock hands. I had to finish the vacay with one last extended lie-in before I start accomplishing things tomorrow.

    PS: I have a lil table for you/the store if you want it! Carrie's lil black round one that at one point in its life won a "ruffle your stuff" contest. I'll try to swing by tomorrow as I'm running about town/campus.

    PPS: Becky's right. Life of Pi is the shiz. The Road is brilliant, but heavy for Liz. Still have to tackle The Things They Carried. You'll have to tell me how it is.

  3. i love jcp. i love you.

  4. Looking for a warm coat just like that... and wow, what a productive list! Seriously. Especially the squeezing bum bit :)
    alltumbledown: a modest attempt at style

  5. yay i love getting good deals on clothes, especially jackets since they're so pricey. also, my husband and i match all the time but it's always on accident. then we head out the door and we're like, "hey! i was wearing this color first!" haha

  6. welcome back. to both of us i guess. let's hang.

  7. the things they carried is one of the best books i have ever read on like 15 different levels- you will love it!


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