blue man group

  boots: target; socks: santa; jeans/top: panache; cardi: gift/kohl's; necklace: gift/etsy; bag: lucky
i like this sweater because my mom picked it out for me. 
moms are good at things like knowing what colors will look good on you. i think my mom is particularly good at this because she looks exactly like me, and she has 21 more years of experience dressing for our complexion than i do.

wanna know something awkward? these jeans are new.
(when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room...it's for fun)
new jeans aren't awkward. they're actually fabulous and i really like them.
what is awkward is that they do this to my hands:
maybe this picture makes it hard to see...
but i often cross my legs and then put my hand between the two crossed legs (does that make sense or does it just sound weird?). then, the blue dye rubs off on my hands. and it makes it look like i have a circulation problem or i was just raised from the dead or something.

p.s. look how faint that black ink on my wrist is! this is cause for celebration.


  1. I might regret saying this BUT...have you noticed that new jeans does not stop at staining your hands? My husband has pointed out my "blueish" angel suit ;)very lovingly ha.

  2. ha! HATE that! first time I ever noticed it I happened to be at the doc's office and he told me to wash my hands and it came off and he told me it was my jeans. it was PRETTY embarrassing!

    p.s. love your bag. it's fantastic!

  3. courtney -- i just noticed that the tights i wore under my jeans (i walked to school-it's cold & i need the layers!) have gone from oatmeal-colored to BLUE! AGH! i hope it's not permanent!

  4. It totally washes out! :)

  5. several things need addressing here. (ahem) (a) nacho libre. always funny. no, funnier than funny, but i can't think of a good enough word right now. (b) love your necklace pendant! it hits at just the right spot with this shirt. (c) yes, cardigan is perfect color for you. i love how you said your mom has 20 years' more experience dressing for "our" complexion. hah! cute. (d) new jeans are awesome. the dye-displacement is not. buuuuut...it makes for good blog fodder, right? also, this reminds me that i need new jeans. so. thanks. :)

  6. No, Chancho, I would never leave you. I just need to borrow some sweats.

    Same thing happened to my hands (and my underwears!). I've had these pants for a year now, and the rubbing-off of blue dye is ALMOST done. Gotta love dark blue jeans.

  7. are those the $9.50 skinny jeans from forever21 by chance?!? because this happened to me too...except the blue dye got on my brown BCBG SUEDE BOOTS AND IT WON'T COME OUT ARGGGGGHHH. but really, nothing is better than $9.50 skinny jeans, so i can't really complain.

  8. Can I have your entire outfit? How about your entire wardrobe?

    I don't know why I forgot to put your blog in my googlereader. I'm doing it right this second so I don't miss anymore wonderful posts.

    Thanks for your awesome reaction to our news!

    Come visit again soon! In fact, I'm craving Gandolfo's at this very moment.

  9. I hate when that happens! And you take the off and you legs are blue!

  10. I do the exact same crossed-legs-hand thing! I KNOW it happens, and yet i seem to forget every time. Or maybe i secretly like having a blue hand. We will never know!

    Loving your outfit ♥

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  12. Love the lucky bag, been eying it for awhile myself. I've also spent a few days with blue hands :-/

  13. So THAT'S why my hands have looked dirty ALL DAY today! I couldn't figure it out! I think I'm wearing the same jeans :) I LOVE THEM!


  14. haha, thats funny. and yes i know what you mean about crossing your legs and putting one hand in between them, i was doing it while i was reading this...

  15. Love this outfit! Green looks so good on you! PS And I totally appreciate Dumb & Dumber quotes. You are awesome.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  16. love the argyle knee socks peeking out of the boots!


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