casual wednesday

 shoes/hat: f21; jeans: target; top: panache; sweatshirt: matix
ooh myyy goooosh!
(surprise party lady on snl...anyone? anyone?)
new shoes came in the mail today!
hi, new shoes. i've been looking at you online forever and i finally convinced my husband that you were a need...now i will have to convince him to let me into bed with you still on my feet, you little cuties you.
i like it when things come in the mail.
i like tracking packages on ups.com and seeing "on the truck/out for delivery" in the status window.
i like free irish cream hot cocoa.
i like crispy cool weather.
i like seeing my big little broseph.
i like 120% bigger cheez-its.
i like when david starts feeling better from being sick.
i like when i don't have to wash my hair 'cause i'm wearing a hat, even inside.
i like when my friends bring their dogs into the store.
i like when i'm going to have soup for dinner.
i like when i'm going to grade papers and watch the bachelor.

for these reasons, i like today.

oh! and i like you. hey! thanks for reading my silly blog!

do you know what i don't like? the room in the agricultural science building on campus filled with taxidermied animal heads. they're real animals, you guys. there's a hippo and a zebra and lots of other really beautiful animals who had to die so stupid college kids could look at them and go, "oh, yep, that is surely a bison!" ugh. makes me sick in my stomach and sad in my heart. but that's all beside the point of this post.


  1. I would not like to be in a room full of taxidermied animals either. But you look cute!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Oh my gosh, I seriously LOVE this outfit! It looks so great!!! I have a scarf the color of your hat, and I love it!

  3. ooooooh myyyyy gooooooooooosh! i love those shoes. love, love, love, love, love! for reals. that much love.

    p.s. NEVER go to my parents hosue, you'll cry. (well you can go to my parents house, just not into my dad's "man room")

  4. you look, like completely badass in this pic. LOVE YOUR NEW SHOESSSS

    agreed with the taxidermied heads. barfffffffffffx100000000

  5. I love this :) I think it's important to think of the small simple things that make us happy! my post today was kinda similar. :)

  6. Yeah I hate that room too. The whole idea of taxidermy is all sorts of disturbing to me.

    ALSO I LOVE THEM SHOES! I just sort of spent like $80 on new shoes for winter...which is around $60 more than I ever pay for shoes, so that will probably have to last me for a while. I also love that you're gonna grade papers. Don't you feel awesome?

    wf: "glamm." Appropriate, I think.

  7. Love those shoes! They look cozy x10.
    And how great is getting shoes in the mail?!? On the best top ten list for sure.

  8. LOVE those shoes! ah, i die over them.

  9. What if the animals were about to die anyways? Through taxidermy their heritage can live on forever.

  10. I love your shoes! Where did you order them from? So cute!

    P.S. It makes me so sick (literally) when I see taxidermied animal heads, so I know exactly how you feel!

  11. Hey, stopped by you fun blog, and your end side note totally reminds me of on Ace Ventura, when nature calls, (fav) and he goes in a room just the same, and says "this is a lovely room of death" instantly what came to my mind! and yes love you shoes and your sweatshirt!

  12. Love your shoes, LOVE irish cream cocoa, love your hat, love the bachelor, and especially love the days when I don't wash my hair. I think we're on to something.

  13. Yay! Buddy was mentioned on cats and cardigans! He will be sooo proud. I will tell him right now. Oh yep. He is excited! Although he is a little too excited, I think he might actually think there is a cat around somewhere..

  14. Love this outfit! You look so cute in that hat. And those shoes look sooo cozy.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  15. Love this outfit, it defiantly looks cozy and comfortable but very cute at the same time... Those shoes sure do look warm, I need some of those for my hike from my car to campus with this freezing cold weather!!

  16. those shoes are adorable!


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