catch up

boots/cardi: target; jeans/flannel/belt: panache

 i'm back (for the most part) from my bout of sickness!
i can't tell you how good it feels to be back on my feet...despite the fact that my voice is all raspy and manly. 
i got very lucky with the timeline of my cold; i didn't miss any class and my super hot business partner was able to fill in for me for most of sturday. thank goodness.

the funny thing about being sick all weekend?
i slept all day and all night for 2 full days and nights...and then, come last night, i just wasn't tired.
our night went something like this:

10:30 decide to go to bed so i'll be well-rested and ready to jump back into school/TA-ing/work
10:45 have a weird panic attack and cry because i'm tired of coughing
11:00 settle back into bed
11:10 decide to watch an episode of the office
11:30 settle back into bed
11:30-12:30 alternate between talking and trying to sleep
12:30 decide we're starving
12:30-1:30 make midnight snacks, play on mini golf putting mat (him), and pick out an outfit for today (me)
1:30 finally go to bed for reals

geez...what's wrong with us?

anyways, i'm thrilled to be feeling better today. 
i even got to have my first-ever skype date with rachel!
rach's wedding morning...i'd never seen this picture until she posted it on her blog today!
um, skype is AWESOME!
how have i never done it before?! we helped each other out with 30 for 30 picks and talked memories and marriage and life and it was fantastic. best friends are the best.


  1. SKYPE IS AWESOME! I love it because Brinley really does recognize my parents and in-laws. She points and laughs and giggles. It has chaaaaanged family relationships definitely.

    Cute outfit! Love the boots.

  2. Just started following your blog! super cute outfits - I'm also a huge fan of cardigans :)
    Also, my husband and I watch arrested development when we can't sleep. It takes forever to actually fall asleep!

  3. Are you doing the 30 for 30 this winter?? I decided that I was postponing mine until I had some support around me! :}

  4. Ahh feel better girl!! I love the outfit. Red and brown together are awesome. Skype is weird to me... when Matt and I were long distance for a while we Skyped every night, and it was a little uncomfortable. But the best part about it is that it is FREE!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  5. ooo we should skype sometime

    -L.W and Carlos

  6. So glad you feel better! True story, skype is the best. It was the only thing that helped me survive long-distance dating.

    P.S. Doing the 30 for 30 as well. I will most defn be using you for inspiration.

  7. okay. seriously. i love that shirt! do you gus still sell it?


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