boots: modcloth; socks: f21; leggings/top: panache; cardi: target
see those squinty eyes??
i got rocking new glasses while home for christmas in california. i love my glasses, yes i do.
well, when i got them, they updated my prescription.
they said, "yes indeed, brandilyn, you keep getting blinder and blinder!"
& i said, "ugh i know just prescribe me BIFOCALS already" (not really bifocals, but really i am blind).
so i got a stronger prescription, which is always great because it brings david's hotness into better focus.

well, i got updated glasses but not contacts. and as much as i love my glasses, sometimes i want to wear contacts!
so today, my eyeballs are all, "BRANDILYN! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, WE CAN'T SEE CRAP!"
(picture rico from hot rod when rod runs into the guys trailer. that's the kind of tantrum my eyes are having.)
and i'm like, "you guys, calm down, it's not that bad." and they're saying, "fine, we'll cooperate with the contacts, but we're going to make you all squinty! take that!"
so i'm a bit squinty today.

in addition to being squinty, i'm just thrilled to be here:
do you ever have days where you think, "shoot, how did i get so lucky?!"
i never thought i'd end up 21, married to a hottie, close to getting my bachelor's degree, and owing a clothing store (that last one's the kicker for me). i feel like i complain a lot and it feels good to have a day where i just feel thrilled with where i'm at.


  1. Hey Squinty! You look hot! I really do love that outfit. and those socks and your store and most importantly your vanilla coke! (holla!)

  2. Love your outfit!!!!!

    Do you get headaches no having the right prescription?? I need to get my eyes checked for sure. I don't wear anything so I'm thinking...I'm 24...probably should get em checked! I'm getting old!!!

  3. okay YOU are the cutest person alive. I'm in love with that tank top!

  4. those boots are AMAZING@ your blog is so cute! I just ran into it!

  5. cute top! it looks adorable with the purple cardi!

  6. Hahahaha Hot Rod! Yes.

  7. You look so cute! and yes, you have a rockin life! plus a really awesome knife from your friend ;)

  8. You are adorable. I know, because I saw this outfit first-hand. And you are adorable.

  9. you look so cute in that pic. I'm loving the blue boots. Yea for living lucky amazing lives!


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