boots: kohl's; leggings: target; skirt: ny&co; top: target; belt: f21; purse: lucky

fact: that shirt is shaun white for target.
for the little boy's section.
my name is brandilyn and i like to wear clothes meant for little boys.

fact: i wore this to meet with a member of our bishopric tonight.
maybe we got new callings. but maybe we didn't, i'll never tell.
fact: the purse i am carrying is also carried by ann (rashida jones) in parks and recreation.
except hers is the brown version...mine is green. my mom has the brown one though.
also, april (aubrey plaza) carried a brown bag once on that show that i have/use all the time.
so i'm practically bffs with both of them. lucky bags are awesome. wish you could see it in this picture.

fact: i took this picture under a street lamp because it was dark out.
and my hair looks pee yellow.
fact: my hair is not pee yellow.

fact: this is an action shot where it looks like i'm giving the camera a bad finger:
but i'm not actually.

fact: bears eat beets.
bears. beets. battlestar galactica.


  1. Fact: I love shopping the little boy's section. (I can never figure out the best way to phrase that...I always feel slightly dirty.)

    Fact: I got new frames today and they're Lucky brand and I love 'em, even though both Jacob and the receptionist at the optometry place liked the other ones better.

    Fact: You are awesome.

  2. hi, i am a fan from Spain. Regarding what you say: Fashion and creativity has no limits, you can wear something old, something from a man's wardrobe, mix things that shouldn't be mixed. Wear sneakers with a party dress....

  3. Hahaha, you crack me up. And I love that that shirt is Shaun White for Target. I kind of love Shaun White.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  4. Identity theft is a serious problem, Brandilyn! Thousands of families suffer every year!

    Use to have a huge crush on Shaun White, so obviously his clothes would be sweet.

  5. Fact: you love the same shows as me :)

  6. Oh Brandilyn. I'm glad I can have you in my living room even though I moved to California.
    Also, don't ever dye your hair pee yellow. It would be a hard thing to explain to people.

  7. Question: Which kind of bear is best?

    AH! Love the Office reference! :)



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