frozen over

 boots: mommed; socks: dad-ed; tights: target; dress as skirt: gap; thermal: thrifted/berkeley; necklace: buckle
today, i ice skated to school.
that's actually a lie because i wasn't wearing ice skates. but i was wearing cowboy boots, the bottoms of which are smooth as a baby's bum. i basically slid the entire way to school.
if i look uncomfortable in this picture, it's because i am. it is bitter cold in rexburg today.

rach, i don't mean to snow on your parade...but the snow you got would never shut byui down. i daresay north carolina is a weenie. but i still love you and wish i was there to keep you company on your snow day.

my walk to school this morning looked like this:
and i looked like this:
i know the hood on my jacket is a little ridiculous...but it feels oh-so-good on my ice cube ears. & my little-bitty ipod was a christmas gift from mom and dad haynes. it's PERFECT for my walk to school and i adore it. it clips right onto my jacket and distracts me from the chill outside.

p.s. i found out today i got the teacher's assistant job i interviewed for the other day! i'm very excited. i'll be grading papers and occasionally teaching classes. BAM! i can't wait!


  1. HA! I know, I am such a complainer. I wish you were here to keep me company as well. love it. The good news is: you look adorable.

  2. seriously! your blog HATES me. Trying again: Ya, Wilmington shut down like a weenie and I'm not defending it! You look so cute -- glad we're friends :)

  3. I love the socks with the boots! And aren't ridiculous coats like that the best? I got a super long one on Saturday, and my friend said that I was wearing a sleeping bag. Yes, I was, and it was great.

  4. Jacob's a TA too!!!!! For Bro. Weekes. Hooray!

    Also, I've always loved the word "little-bitty." It's so cute. It's just one of those perfect adjectives.

  5. Congrats on the job. I just found your blog and I'm kind of convinced that we should be twins. I love love your style and love your floating cats at the bottom of your page. Creepy yes but eh I'll get over it. New Follower!!!
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