hairy eyeballs

boots: kohl's; jeans/cardi: panache; tee: target; necklace: lucky
i am a very nervous public speaker. 
i don't know why, because i usually feel like a fairly confident person, but put me in front of a room full of people and i'm a bright red, stuttering, sweating mess. ironically, the exception to this is improv. when i did improv with the humors (RIP), i felt confident, even though we had nothing planned. maybe cause i was on stage with my bffs. anyways, when i have a speech or presentation carefully planned, watch out. hot mess.

well, last winter i took a public speaking class.
everyone had to give feedback for each speech given, and after my first one, every single person said, "quit pushing your hair out of your face." "your bangs are in your eyes." "don't play with your hair, it's distracting." apparently i had let my bangs get too long and spent the duration of the speech pushing them out of my eyes.

today, i had to give a short ethics presentation in my persuasion class (with sarah!) and tomorrow i'm teaching two sections of creative writing. so can you guess what i did last night (other than have a panic attack about my upcoming public speaking)? yep, out came the kitchen scissors and i chop-chop-chopped those bangs off! i've been cutting my own bangs with kitchen scissors since high school...i'm basically a pro by now (i know, any hairdresser friends i have reading this are probably cringing). i don't think it's a huge difference--i always cut them the same way--but it feels nice to have hair-free vision.

p.s. here's a lovely outtake from our 5-second photo shoot. mi espouso likes to start snapping while i'm mid-sentence and not quite ready yet.
for some reason david thinks i look like george w. bush in this one...what?! haha!
& now i'm off to:
1. clean a tanning bed that smells like cigarette smoke and tanning lotion...gross gross gross,
2. write a short paper,
3. eat a fruit strip,
4. text message something flirty to my husband,
5. finish my plans for tomorrow's lesson (gulp!), and
6. mentally plan clothes for the upcoming 30 for 30...
((which rach and ashley and sarah are ALL doing! YAY!))


  1. Good luck with all your presentations. You look adorable.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Public speaking is the most awful thing, ever. I think I got better with practice in college, but still. It's weird. And I love your bangs!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  3. I went into your store yesterday and bought a shirt and that white crocheted vest (the vest was pretty much love at first sight). Cute store!
    I'm also doing the 30 for 30 (i'll actually be finishing this time.) love your blog :)


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