he loves his bikes

this morning, i TA-ed and i studied and i went to classes.
david picked me up from class.
we drove home together and chatted about many things.
i hung out in our apartment, sitting next to him on the couch, until i left to run some errands.
i came home and baked a friggin' cake* and did a bumload of dishes.
david and i were in the apartment together this entire time.
so then i left. i got groceries with my bff shpitty.
and then i came home and we sat down and ate a lovely dinner of soup and baguettes together.
again, we talked about many things.
after that, i wiped off our dry-erase calendar and started putting february on it.

as i'm doing this, david casually says,
"i went and looked at a dirt bike today."
"oh, cool! how'd it go?"
"pretty good...it's in our storage unit!"
"wait, you bought it?"
"when did this happen? just now? when i was at the grocery store?"
"no, this morning...while you were in class."

oh. good to know, babe.
it's lucky the man looks good in flannel. 
i knew he'd been shopping for one (it's his graduation present),so it wasn't completely out of the blue. i was just shocked he kept it a secret for that long!

anyways, david now has a very well-deserved dirt bike...and i'm really, really excited for him to start tearing around on that thing.

*the cake (well, a hunk of it):
boots/jeans/tee: target; socks: f21; sweater: gift; necklace: gift/etsy
p.s. my kitchen floor really is covered in that geometric pattern. and that really is hunter green formica on my counter tops. and we really do love this little apartment.


  1. Fabulous cake! Also, I love dave (platonically of course)

  2. hahaha! so awesome. lando says congrats!

  3. What a cute kitchen! Funny that your husband bought a dirt bike a kept it a secret for a bit of the day! You and I had similar days. I'm a TA, too, and I love the way it gets me thinking about something besides my own giant projects.

  4. hahaha. that totally sounds like something my boyfriend will do!

  5. I will not mention this to my husband, he has the same dirt bike, mostly four wheelers, desires (was that a working sentence?). Boys.

  6. I love your apartment too. Standing in your kitchen is like walking on the moon in the early 90's.

    YAY DIRT BIKE! Are you guys keeping the cruiser? Or is that being sold? (Or was it sold?) Because if/when I get my bike this summer (Honda Rebel 250 or Suzuki Boulevard s40), we should all cruise around together.

  7. i want your frying pan. and tea pot.

  8. Jordan just bought himself a new commuter bike, not really out of the blue but still a surprise. I guess it's his money, and his bike is significantly cheaper than my horse :)

    There is something about a boy on a bicycle.


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