horses and snuggling

 shoes: f21; jeans: buckle; top: panache; cardi: kohl's; earrings: won
i won the earrings i'm wearing today at a horse show.
true story! in my glory days. see how they're little stirrups?
in high school i was kind of embarrassed to say i showed horses because i had flashbacks to my "weird horse girl" middle school days. but now i think it's kind of cool. and i think the things i wear sometimes look a little equestrian 'cause i'm awesome like that. and someday, david and i will have a little ranch with little kids and ponies and kittens running everywhere and i'll teach our kids to ride and then hopefully they'll turn into "weird horse girl/boy." i just need my legacy to live on, you know?

anyways, i'm excited for this weekend because my best friend's boyfriend will be in town, which means double date. he'll also be staying at our apartment, which means if he doesn't snuggle with us and bring us breakfast in bed we're telling michelle to dump him. i'm joking, of course...dave doesn't even like snuggling with other dudes. just the breakfast in bed will suffice.

p.s. are those little baby wrinkles in the corners of my eyes??! if they are, they developed some time in the last 2.5 years...living with david is just so hilarious that it gives me laugh lines at 21. and i don't mind them one bit.

p.p.s. i just ordered a sandwich from jimmy john's and it got here in SEVEN MINUTES! that is not a lot of minutes! i love those guys.


  1. i love your shoes/jeans/cardigan/earrings/shirt. so everything about your outfit i love.

  2. Great outfit. I love having little things like those earrings that are sentimental.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Those earrings are so cute!

  4. Once, and still, I had huge bags under my eyes. I named them after my now-husband-then-boyfriend because he kept me up to late.

  5. Cute earrings. I like those boots, too. I would not have thought they were F21. I just discovered your blog and am following you now! Looking forward to reading more!


  6. I love those shoes Brandilyn! And your seriously rockin 'em :D
    Sarah x

  7. i think it's way cool that you show horses! i've always wanted to learn how to ride properly. i've ridden a few times, but i always feel like they can sense that i'm scared. and super cute earrings!!


  8. I am soo sad that your store is so far away from me! Everytime i look at your posts the item I love the most is always from your store!!


  9. it's okay, i was kind of a weird horse girl too. I went to "frontier camp" every summer for 2 weeks and we rode horses all day and didn't take showers...it's cool! haha :)

    ...oh and jimmy john's is amazing!

  10. you are hilarious! And beautiful! And I can't wait to have a happy marriage like you two! :)

  11. i LOVE laugh lines! i'm the proud owner of several myself (ah husbands. love 'em), and i can't wait until i'm old and can barely see because my eyes have been taken over by laugh lines.
    okay. that might be a little extreme. but you know what i mean. you're adorable. as always. which is whyyyyyy (drumroll please) i gave you a Stylish Blooger Award over on my blog today. :)

  12. I love how much you love your new shoes! They look super warm and comfy :)

  13. I have to say that your mom must be the coolest mom EVER! I mean, really! She must have spent hours hanging out at all those horse shows carrying all your tack, ribbons and extra gear around. She must have cryed millions of tears of pride when you came out winning and patting you on the leg telling you how proud she was of you (even when you were dead last). I'm so jealous! I wish I had a mom like that. Oh wait . . . I AM your mom, lol!

    Anyway, your earrings are dang cute and I'm glad that you can look back on your childhood with such fond memories. I can say now, "my work here is done!"


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