insane in the membrane

flats: target; jeans: buckle; belt/cardi: panache; top: random gypsy store in berkeley; necklace: wet seal
 today was a little crazy.

it all started last night, when i read the bulk of the things they carried (time o'brien) in one sitting. that was kind of exhausting. then, TA-ing and classes this morning. i showed up to work in the store, mentally figuring out how many assignments needed doing and how many quizzes needed grading (a lot). instead, a massive shipment of jewelry took over...which was followed by a pretty large clothing shipment. yikes.

needless to say, i was grateful when kate stopped by the store and gave me a much-needed break. despite having so much to do, i think it's healthy to decompress for a few minutes with awesome company. oh, and david gave me a golden oreo!* i really feel ready to tackle everything being tossed my way today.

*by that i mean a vanilla-flavored oreo...not an oreo made of gold, which would also be cool.


  1. how can you not mention daves magic trick when he gave you the oreo?! it was mind blowing.

  2. oops, can i call him dave instead of david, is that allowed?

  3. haha you can TOTALLY call him dave! most people do, actually. and that magic trick was pretty sweet.

  4. i'm sorry for crazy days. but "the things they carried"? brutal reading, in my op. glad you got through it. you look great, if it's any consolation?

  5. I don't own a business, but I am student teaching, a teacher's assistant, and a research assistant and this kind of summed up my day too.

    Good luck with it all!

  6. LOVE this outfit. That navy cardigan is very classy. And I was reading your sidebar - I LOVE 'your ex lover is dead'! It's one of my all time favorites.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. golden oreo. LOL

    the things they carried made me sob uncontrollably. and at the end i felt....empty. curious to know how you felt about it!!!

  8. ooh such a pretty outfit. so cute and casual :) i love the shoes :)

    krystal x


  9. i'm kind of in love with your blog. and your style. like a lot.

  10. hey cutie. love the outfit. i scrolled through like the last week of outfits. loved them all. tell dave hi.


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