live mannequin

boots: kohl's; jeans/button-up: panache; sweater: gift/j.crew; hat: david's side of the closet
today's photo is courtesy of our front display window.
hopefully no one driving by thought i was too crazy. 
i was avoiding the cold, though. and that is a very sane thing to do, you know.
(that rhymed. unintentional.)

the vintage shwinn that sits proudly in our window was an anniversary gift from david...i think i've mentioned it on here before. i love this bicycle a lot. he gets to come out and play all summer long, but in the winter, he hangs out and waves hello to all our customers.

this morning, i woke up early to get dressed and go to my new TA job. david was supposed to drive me, but when i saw him all cuddled up in our warm bed...i just couldn't bring myself to ask him to get in the cold car and drive me across campus. so i walked! and i'm so glad i did, because it was a gorgeous (cold) morning and i had new music on my ipod. and then i sat and talked with the professor i TA for about david sedaris, which makes any morning better if you ask me.

also: i've been thinking about putting elbow patches on this sweater...thoughts?


  1. heck yes to the elbow patches! I love little details like that on clothes, I'm thinking dark brown??
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. i love your new store front & window display! I think you should have posed in the window until someone walks by & then make a funny face or something :)

  3. Good to know I'm not the only one who loves walks in the cold. You look perfectly snuggled for the outdoors!

  4. yesssss! go for the elbow patches. and love the floral button up. very very cute. I'm coming to Panache next time we're in the Burg. Get ready.

  5. You are a really good wife. I would have totally woken up my husband so that he could drive me in the cold. Good for you.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  6. elbow patches would be AMAZING! so creative :)

  7. You are so much nicer than I. Every morning asI leave for work, I see my husband still asleep in our bed, and I get mad! I'd love to have an excuse to wake him up.

    Brown leather elbow patches. Do it. You are such a genius to even think of that.

  8. y-e-s. elbow patch it up, baby.

  9. Oh I think the patches would look so cute! I adore the bicycle so much!

  10. Yes to elbow patches.
    Also, David Sedaris is coming to SLC in April to do a book signing thing.

  11. elbow patches for life! and i just read the last comment about david sedaris, i love him! GO!
    and i really like the floral shirt hanging out of the bottom!


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