boots/sweater: kohl's; jeans: panache; flannel: little boy's section of wal mart; necklace: lucky
i wore this yesterday, blah blah blah.

david is sick and shpitty is sick and michelle is sick and it's all my fault.
and the student health center won't help my aching best friend until THREE O'CLOCK today and that's all their fault and i'm irritated about it.

also, yesterday i parted my hair in the middle for the first time in TEN YEARS and no one noticed. i guess it's pretty narcissistic for me to think that the whole world is going to stop and notice a silly thing like my hair, but it was a big difference for me! at least david thought i looked sexy. he told me so from the couch where he was confined for the day yesterday.

in other news, i'm preparing to apply once more for the writer's retreat the university puts on. will i get in? won't i? i know it's this kind of suspense that keeps you coming back to my blog.. .  ..


  1. this outfit looks super comfortable and super cute. i like it a lot. good luck with your writing retreat! fingers crossed! :)


  2. if i had seen you i would have noticed. because i totally noticed in the photo! HOT. and it makes your hair look really long!

  3. you look great. loooove the part. seriously if i documented what i wore everyday people would be appalled. sweatpants, tshirts, hoodies. you look awesome, as always.


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