methinks a cupid i shall play...

boots: kohl's; leggings/necklace: panache; top: gap; sweater: h&m
i like this sweater because it reminds me of this guy:
which is why i wore a blue shirt underneath it. i blue myself!

so yesterday my friend sarah came and took pictures of me/the store for her photo journalism class. sarah's super creative (she makes the most gorgeous jewelry), drop dead gorgeous, and one of the most genuinely sweet people you'll ever meet. i just love her. 
i felt so awkward in front of the camera but i'm so excited about how the pictures turned out!
i'm excited to have pictures of myself working in the store so that someday, when we're done with this adventure, i can look back and remember how much i loved running my little clothing boutique.


  1. Are you also a never-nude like Tobias? LOL

    Love that sweater!!

  2. HOT TEA! look at you hard at work. love the photos of the store and that window shot dressing the mannequin.... fantastic! (I think I need that flower tunic or dress or whatever it is. I need it.)

    also love your H&M sweater.

  3. Those pictures turned out great!!

  4. that sweater is so cute! i want one...

  5. hahaha... i blue myself. go tobias!

    i loooooove the photos!

    did you get tickets for friday?!

  6. A sweater like that wants me to start an all-natural, feel-good family band.

    Those photos look awesome! It's nice to see the store that I read so much about. And you look fabulous!

  7. Ah, I LOVE Tobias SO MUCH. Still one of my favorite shows ever. You look absolutely awesome in those pics - you're beautiful and your friend is a really talented photographer!

  8. hey girl! i'm a rexburg girl too. i just gave you a blog around. love your blog so much :)

  9. cute photo shoot! looks like a cute place!

  10. Hi Brandilyn, my name's Sarah and I'm a new reader of your blog. I just thought I'd introduce myself and tell you how much I'm loving your blog! The pics of you and your store are awesome, I love the soft lighting. Hope you're having a great day!
    Sarah xo

  11. haha! tobias!
    also, i love that the label for this post is "panache". have you ever read the book 13 words by lemony snicket? you should, because it has the word "panache" in it.

  12. oh. got it. your boutique's name is panache.
    well still. read the book.


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