morning person

flats: target; pants: panache; tank: gift/kohl's; cardi: nordstrom; scarf: h&m
rexburg this morning was positively picturesque.
it was covered in snow but still fairly warm out (29°).
perfect winter-walking weather. i happen to love winter walking (and, apparently, alliteration).

i'd forgotten how much i love mornings--how calm and quiet everything is. growing up i raised sheep and i would get up in the mornings to feed them. i remember being so irritated at the act of getting out of bed, but once i was outside i was happy as a clam (btw, are clams especially happy? where does that saying come from?). my parent's house is in the hills, away from town, and is always so beautiful and quiet. i loved those mornings and i'm excited to one day live out in the country again.

usually when i walk around downtown rexburg, i'm hurrying to 5buck pizza to get lunch befor rushing back to the store. or i'm power walking home from class to work in the store. for the last two days, i haven't been in a rush while walking to and from campus and it's been just gorgeous.


  1. *sigh* Lovely lovely.

    I think I'm the same way about mornings. I hate 'em when I'm struggling to get out of bed, and if I'm just inside all day. But if I can be outside in the cool, calm early morning...bliss.

    wf: "booloma." I just like the sound of that.

  2. you're too cute. may i please pretty please nominate you for a small award? (new feature on my blog.) email me.
    brittneynsmart AT yahoo DOT com

  3. i meant GIVE you an award. heh.

  4. I've never heard a clam complain. So either they are always happy or they are extremely introverted.

    Also, thanks for making me miss Rexburg. Like that whole in my heart needed to be ripped open a little wider :(

  5. Hi, just started following your blog! I am so excited to be finding these gem Rexburg blogs, I love yours and I need to come see your store! Also, I graduated in English from BYU-I, why do I feel instantly connected to English majors?

  6. Just found your blog today! I like it! I like it a lot! It falls somewhere between my love for rainbows and dr. pepper

  7. You are so effing cute, it hurts my eyes!! ;)


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