random love note

hey, everyone!
did you know i love my husband?

from our first date snowboarding to our wedding day to business ownership to graduating college...david has filled every day with more love and silliness than i ever thought i would find.

babe, thank you for taking my outfit pictures every day. i know you probably secretly think they're pretty silly. thanks for warming me up every single night and indulging my ridiculous food cravings. thank you for giving me breaks from the store and for back scratches and secret winks when no one else is looking. i just love you, simple as that.


  1. ahhhh, so sweet. and do I spy a Taco Bus photo? I think I do!!!

  2. this makes me smile :)

  3. ooooooh i love when landon winks at me and no one else sees! dave is a captial fellow!


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