seeing double

boots/socks/tee: target; skirt: f21 ($6!); sweater: buckle; necklace: wet seal

today i interviewed for a TA position with a teacher in the english department...hopefully i dressed the part! fingers crossed!

last night i had a twin!
it's true. michelle and i went out to run a couple errands together. 
while i was checking out at one store, the cashier asked me, "are you guys twins?" 
i only hesitated for a second. "..yep!" 
"oh, that's so cool!" and then michelle and i couldn't make eye contact until after we walked out of the store, because we knew we would both start laughing.

then, as we were buying matching planners in wal mart, the cashier said, "are you two sisters?"
someone behind us in line said sarcastically, "oh, like it's not obvious!"
we laughed. again, i only hesitated for a second. "yep. sisters."
the cashier jokingly said, "do i dare guess who's older?"
we smiled. he pointed at me. "you're the younger one."
we laughed at told him that yes, i was the younger one. and then we kept laughing the whole way home. 

in high school, we were constantly asked if we were sisters, and got twins a couple times as well, but this was the first time in our adult lives! it was kind of fun. i made david take a picture of us together as soon as we got back to my apartment so you guys could be the judge...
twins? sisters? bffs? all three?


  1. You guys totally look like twins. It's kind of freaky. Haha!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  2. I would definitely pass y'all as twins. One doesn't really look older than the other. I would definitely play that up if I were ya'll!

  3. I say, sister yes you could definitely pass. Twins...only maybe. Either way I love this story :)

  4. Funny!

    Umm... you look hot in the top picture. HOT.

  5. ya'll look like you could be sisters!
    my sister and I don't really look alike so we rarely get that haha!

  6. Can you please do a tutorial about your "interview" hair??? because I LOOOOOOOVE it -)

  7. With an outfit like that I bet you get the TA position!! You look adorable!!

  8. Hey thanks for the comment!
    A friend and I did them ourselves! she colored them & my hair.. and then we sewed on the clips!

    Thanks for the comment!
    ps. i love reading your blog..
    my mom still does too! : )

  9. Definitely sisters and I'm the proud mom. Yep, these are MY girls and I love them to pieces!

  10. definitely look like twins.


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