student teacher

 flats: payless; pants/pin: panache; button-up: leftover from horse show days; cardi: hollister 10,000 years ago
today is the day i teach creative writing class.
i was told business dress wasn't necessary, but i still wanted to look put-together/nice. cue blue & grey, my comfort colors! some people have comfort food; i have comfort colors.

i taught one section this morning and have one more to go this afternoon.
the morning one went well, though! wahoo! before i went up in front of the class, i was shaking and sweating and not doing so well. but when i stood up, i sort of just...calmed down! it was great. i ended up having a lot of fun.

i wore this kitten pin for good luck. michelle has a matching one.
also, it kind of hid the tell-tale hollister bird on my cardigan, which is a plus. 
i hate that store. but i still wear this cardigan.
cat + cardigan...i am my blog today.

i'm also kind of out of it. i'm 80% sure i'm getting sick and i didn't sleep too well last night. 
you'll have to excuse this possibly loopy post.


  1. I love this outfit and your blog, I just started following. Great glasses I'm getting new ones next week, I'm afraid they won't have anything that fits my face well.


  2. Sooo awesome that you get to teach creative writing, I am happy it went well. I used to get so nervous too! It's so much easier once you start, thankfully. P.S. I'm totally with you on the Hollister thing..
    I mean I'd wear a trash bag if it said Hollister on it:)

  3. 1. Feel better.
    2. Blue and gray are my comfort colors too! Well, my professional comfort colors...like when I need to be comforted in my professionalism. It's earth-tones for all other areas of my life.
    3. I love you.
    4. Yay teaching! You'd be so good at that...I'm sure you did great!

  4. Your blog is so cute! Cats and cardigans are pretty much my favorite things in the world, so this blog is a win. Plus, your outfits are so cute! So comfortable looking, yet still put together.

    Can't wait to keep reading!


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