studiously dubious

 boots: target; jeans/vest: buckle; top: panache; bag: lucky
holy moly, i wear these boots a lot.
but i walk to school & snow gets in flats and then my feet say mean things to me!
& i really, really hate it when mean things are said to me.

well, i'm having a bit of a struggle kicking my butt into "student mode." like instead of studying and getting work done for my on-line classes, i just want to read HP5 and watch trash tv on hulu and make bell pepper/onion quesedillas. why can't my life just consist those things?
oh yes. because i am a student. and i've gotta remind myself that i enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with an assignment well-done. it's the getting started part i don't like so much.

ok. GOODBYE. now i go to conquer poopy online business classes so i can reward myself with the fun stuff, like the readings for my english classes (and maybe modern family on hulu after that).

i will leave you with this artistic photo that david took of my behind as we were walking outside:
i don't mean to toot my own horn...but i think he's into me :)


  1. Where's the quote? j/k

    I love the vest! I just thought today that my outfit needed a vest, and one like yours would be perfect! Will you give it to me?

  2. no wonder, the boots are awesome ... :)


  3. Love the boots, love the vest...Love the whole outfit really!

  4. I definitely almost bought that bag! It's so lovely!
    Love this outfit!

  5. hi,

    i saw your button on biscuit's blog and i couldn't resist popping by. cats and cardigans are 2 of my favourite things!
    and judging by your "hot tea" saying i can guess that you love arrested development? i ♥ that show soooo much.
    anyways, nice to meet you :)

  6. Ahh, I can't believe how much snow you guys have. I would die. Your outfit is adorable as usual. I would wear those boots all the time if I had them. Aaand I'm glad we are HP fanatics together.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. You are so cute! My mother-in-law got me those boots for christmas and I can TOTALLY see why you wear them so much! They are entirely too comfortable, and cute!

    oh and we should have a modern family marathon sometime!

  8. LOVE your outfit!!
    What brand are your glasses?

  9. hey, ali! they're by giorgio armani...my optometrist had them in his office. david keeps looking at the case they came with and going, "gee-ore-gee-oo.." so clever. haha.

  10. heeeyyyy. cautie! :) i read every post i swear to holy moses, i just have a hard time getting around to commenting! :) you look adorable, i want your boots! :)


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