taco bus it up

 flats/jeans: target; tee: mommed; cardi/necklace: gift
i was sick today.
i hate being sick...but having a roommate like david sure does make it better.
he does things like watching the store for me so i could sleep all morning/afternoon.
or making me minestrone soup and buying me a jamba juice.
he cuddles with me and makes sure i get robitussen every 4-6 hours.
he is, in a word, the best.

do you know what else would have beent he best?
snowboarding like we planned. STUPID sickness.

this morning i went to workshop a nonfiction piece with one the students in the class i TA for.
rexburg looked like this as i drove back home:
very pretty. very cold.

last night we went to the taco bus with the lines and the nielsons.
we think those guys are the best!
and if you think they look like attractive couples in the pictures you see on their blog...you should meet them in real life. wowza. you can read kate's account/see her awesome pictures here.
i stole a few of my favorites...

 me + my sweetheart...aaaw.
kate takes GORGEOUS pictures. for reals, you should have her take yours. you will look good.

that is all i have to say today.
i'm feeling pretty poopy and just want to go back to bed.
hopefully i'll join the land of the living again soon.


  1. Taco bus sounds pretty sweet. Heck of a lot warmer than the food trucks they have here. Feel better soon!

  2. Um I want to be on a taco bus. Feel better soon.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. soooo sorry. sickness is crap. get well soon.

  4. I left a similar comment on Kate's blog, but I really like that you guys all hang out. If I lived in Idaho, I would want to hang out with you guys.

    Kristine. Or Polly.


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