n i n e

shoes: f21; jeans/sweater/top: panache; headband: wet seal; necklace: truly sarah

i took my outfit photo inside today for many reasons.
1. it is freezing butt cold. like icy nose hairs cold, yadiddamean?
2. michelle (my twin!) was taking my picture. we were studying in the library together. i love my best friend and didn't want to make her step foot outside.
3. i found out i'm teaching (fiction!!) next week and it seemed fitting.
4. i spend half my life in that library these days.
5. i love books. the end.

hey...can you tell by my hair that i've been up since 4:30 am? this is true. it's been a long day. 
good, but still long.
i'm so ready for some snowboarding action tonight.

p.s. i borrowed this necklace from sarah and i'm probably going to end up buying it from her etsy shop. i just don't think i'll be able to bear parting with it. i love the simplicity with the splash of color with the unique design with the perfect length. awesome.
p.p.s. sarah did not tell me to say that. i've just been looking at/obsessing over this necklace all day.


  1. that sure looks like byu to me. and i love your outfit, you look cute even on early-long days. :)



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