e i g h t

boots: kohl's; tights: express; dress as skirt: shade via panache; sweater: gift/j.crew; necklace: am. eagle
my legs look shorty-short here!
i promise my legs haven't shrunk. although they kind of feel like maybe they did, because i'm so sore from yesterday. woops.

today i got to workshop with one of the creative writing classes i TA for!
it was a ton of fun to hear students be excited about discussing their writing. i was impressed with them.

so this week is crazy. busy week with TA, busy week with clothes coming into the store, busy with homework, busy week with fun things like girl's nights (!!) & more snowboarding...i love all of these things, i'm just going to have to be a creative time-manager. it can't be too different from being a creative writer...right? oh, it is? well, shoot. guess i better stop blogging and get to work.


  1. Just so you know, I got tired of your blog not being in my news feed (you know, after you changed the url?) so I unfollowed you and then followed you again.

    I think this means I'm your newest follower.

    Also, you're adorable and I miss you.

  2. love the dress as skirt!

  3. Aw, girl you look so cute. That skirt is such a fun color!

  4. Helloe fellow remixer...just found you through the remix list....Im a new follower:) LOVE the skirt...the print is too cute!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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