e l e v e n

scarf/cardigan: sarah swapped; jeans: buckle; flats: target; tee: anthropologie
sarah took my picture today.
and she ate soup with me. and kept me company in the store. and it was the best. 
clothing sisters are the coolest!

other awesome things about today:

-david had a business trip to seattle earlier this week and he got home last night! i've never been more excited to kiss those perfect lips and see his messy hair in the morning. btw, our love story coming soon.

-chicken noodle soup + breadsticks in the crossroads up on campus. yumm.

-stacy and caleb coming to visit me in the store and caleb thinking the salon chair that spins around is the coolest thing ever.

-persuasion class and the funny things said there. i'm grateful for the opportunity to get an education. i'm grateful that i get more than a piece of paper--i get to learn about all these incredible things. i get to keep that with my forever. and that's pretty neat.

-date night with david, which always ends with the newest episode of the office on hulu.

-david playing with my hair right now...is there anything better?

-i'm saving up my TA monies...to buy a nice camera! i'm going to start a photography business and specialize in babies with 18" flowers strapped to their heads. JOKES! i just want to take nicer pictures of my outfits and my husband and my children/cats someday. i'm looking at the nikon p100...thoughts??

ok happy weekending, everyone!


  1. i just found you through elaine's mormon fashion blogger list and i love your style! this scarf is gorgeous. great outfit!

  2. I know you are wanting to specialize in baby photography, but would you ever consider me with an 18" flower strapped to my head for your first client?

  3. Why hello miss Brandilyn,

    I read your blog all the time [please don't think i'm a creeper, stalker chick, I just think you are cute and funny :)]
    Anyways, just wanted to let you know about another awesome camera you might want to take a look at in your search. It is a Fujifilm FinePix S1800. I have one myself and have been using it more then my fancier one actually, even the photos I took in Madrid! Matt has the one that you are looking at and I felt that the pictures kept coming out too grainy for my taste. Cool camera though! Good luck on your search!

    Keep posting awesome things!

    Your old high school pal,

  4. Ahh, favorite outfit ever, seriously I love this one. Woo hoo on the camera, I will have to show you mine so you can see if you like it, happy weekend!!

  5. I like your scarf and your soul.


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