f i f t ee n

boots: target; tights: express; skirt: f21; belt: leftover from horse show days; cardigan: panache; v-neck: banana republic/sarah swapped; necklace: truly sarah (win it!)
so i'm reading beloved.
by toni morrison. for my postmodern lit class.
emotionally, it's been a hard read. class discussions leave me feeling kind of drained. it deals with slavery and motherhood and the concept of love in really difficult ways. i tend to soak in books i'm reading and they weigh on my mind while i digest them...you know what i mean? no?
well, then, maybe i'm a weirdo literature lover.

anyways, i walked home from class today feeling very heavy inside. i think it's good to grapple with the idea of things that i will never understand. i hope it's helping me to grow as a person. i hope it helps me to relate to others in ways i couldn't otherwise. but i felt blue and needed a bit of a pick-me up.

it came in the form of:
-david bringing me a diet coke...and a free loaf of bread from great harvest!
-summer sunshine by the corrs
-rachel's adorable giveaway
-chatting with my momma on the phone
-wearing my favorite horse show belt
-changing clothes on mannequins
-figuring out what i'm doing to my hairs at my appointment tomorrow
-making a lesson plan for creative writing on thursday

so i'm feeling lighter. i'll return to beloved soon, though, because i have a paper due thursday. wish me luck :)

in other news... 
you live for the fight when that's all that you've got! (get it? livin' on a prayer? we're halfway there!)
my first 15 outfits:
once again, the brown boots are a popular participant...and sarah's tan v-neck has been worn a whopping three times. 'cause it's so versatile and pretty. aaaand i'll just keep on turcking through this challenge now!


  1. Oo, "Beloved" is tough - beautiful, but definitely tough. I read it about a year ago and felt pretty drained from it. Good luck with your paper.

  2. I get the same way about books. Movies, too.

    Yay for David making you feel better! Or was it the diet coke and bread? Probably the food. Would be for me, at least.

  3. How cute are YOU little fashionista. Love the outfit today!! And Diet Coke can make everything allllll better.

    I wanna see a list of your fave books. (we're getting close to the end of The Three Musketeers and I'ma be needing something new pretty soon! :)

  4. "Beloved" is so intense. BRILLIANT, in my opinion, and the prose is incredible, but yeah. Tough read. It took me like three tries to finish it, and then it took me a month and a half to read. In the middle of the summer. You know, when I didn't have any other homework to worry about. Normally I can knock out a book that size in less than a week. But not "Beloved." But it was TOTALLY worth it.

  5. You are doing a great job with the challenge so far!
    I love when simple things can make your day 2394023x better.
    Good luck with your paper!!!


  6. Uh oh, does this mean that I have to return "my" cute new clothes in 15 days?? Ha ha! You look great! Love you clothing sister!

  7. I LOVVVE Toni Morrison!!! I'm in the literature wierdo lover club with you ;) Its actually my major...

  8. You are stinkin adorable every day! I absolutely love this!

  9. thanks for the blog love. you look amazing as always :)


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