f i v e

 flats: target; jeans: panache; button-up: kirra; tee: banana republic/sarah swapped
 day 5 and i'm already repeating this tee shirt?!
yeah, well. it's basically the most versatile item ever in the world.

so yesterday i was a cramp-y, grumpy, lame-o.
i asked david for a quick break from the store so i could run upstairs and take some tylenol (which i never do) and wait for it to kick in.  3 hours later...i wake up. poor david had to work BOTH our jobs while i slept.
he's basically the sweetest husband alive.
we spent the majority of the evening being lazy bums around our apartment before deciding to make a late-night run to the arcade. david hit the jackpot in some balloon-popping game and won a TON of tickets:
 and maybe we both kind of looked like hobos:
but it was nice to get out of the apartment for a little while.

p.s. i need advice from any readers who might be internet savvy...
one of my good friends saw on her stats that an extremely icky website was linking to her blog (which is sweet and adorable and should not in any way be linked to a site like that). does anyone have tips on how to fix that?


  1. I freaking LOVE the shirt underneath. I want it.

  2. Love the outfits, and glad you and your husband could get out last night! :)

    Umm, I had the same thing happen to me. It was some weird Turkish site. I really don't know what to do about. I would try and contact the people...but I don't speak Turkish.... I hope she can figure it out! No fun being linked up to sites you don't want linking you up....

    Felicity, at {Simple Elegance}

  3. This is great! You are super adorable and you sooo just reminded me that we should arcade date sometimes. Funness!

  4. love the splash of color of your shoes! and love the whole outfit!

    ps--i love arcades...so much we had our wedding reception at an arcade! who gets to drive go karts on their wedding day!

  5. I like your layers. And hey, I dress like a hobo just about every other day, and I'm happy. Feel better, lady!

    PS: On a completely different note, I've decided that when I go to India, you can come if you want to.

  6. Absolutely LOVE your outfit. I have purple flats on today too..and am a fellow remixer. Following you now!

  7. half the time you can't do anything about 3rd party linking, because its google adwords or other kind of "small time advertising based on your previous search functions" and by "your" I mean whoever computer is doing the internet at that moment. You can try a cease and desist letter but there are not real legal claims over it because they haven't stolen anything. Essentially you are SOL.

  8. I love this outfit and I will follow, Im also remixing you can have a look at my blog
    kiss from Prague!

  9. i love the tee and the vest thing. i love putting clothes together.. i really should try doing something like this!


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