f o u r

 boots: target; jeans: buckle/BKE; belt: american eagle; top: sarah swapped; undershirt: shade; earrings: panache
i never wear big earrings.
or any earrings, for that matter.
but these ones are crocheted and weigh, like, .02 oz. i didn't measure them, but they don't hurt my ears, which means they must weigh nothing.
also they make me feel like a such a hippie when i wear them...
(that was an inside joke with my mom. was that rude to say it and not fill you in? sorry.)

anyways, today i have cramps. cramps, as you probably know, are the worst thing ever.
do you know what helps?
putting my pajamas in our towel warmer while i shower in the evenings.
then, when i'm dried off and shivering, i can slip into toasty warm undies and pjs. aaah. bliss.
i guess it's the equivalent of putting your clothes in the dryer, but we don't have a dryer...or a washer. or a dishwasher. 'tis the life of a student in a one bedroom above a clothing store.

know what else makes me so happy?
i can (and do) complain endlessly about the lack of supervision children receive while their parents shop or get their hair done. as a business owner, there is nothing more infuriating that watching kids terrorize my pride and joy (the store) while their mothers shop obliviously.
since our remodel, we have this display window that is fascinating to every child that comes in here. when it was just a mannequin in the window it wasn't too big a deal, but with the bicycle and the display table, there's just too much that could fall over/break/injure a little one.
so david made me this little fence! i think it turned out pretty cute.
hooray for crafty husbands!

and finally...TGIF. am i right??


  1. a towel warmer. omg. i remember when i was kid we loved when my mom was done with laundry! She would dump the pile of freshly dryed clothes on us and it was heaven!

    and ps- cute outfit!

  2. love the top, earrings, and the middle part. You are so bohemian.

  3. Very great outfit. I love the earrings with it, glad you wore them. I'm a mom with 3 kids, and sometimes my kids are naughty at stores but I work very hard to keep them with me and not getting into things they shouldn't and it frustrates me for several reasons when I see other people not watching their kids at stores, it would be extra frustrating when it's your store they are messing up. Thanks for your perspective on it, helps us moms keep in mind who all it is affecting.

  4. you look smokin'! i'm serious... sorry you have cramps. woooooooooorst.

  5. What?! A towel warmer?? Why have I never heard of this before?! After I blow dry my hair, I always use the blow dryer to warm me up for like 10 minutes! I am seriously going out like tonight and buying one!
    Thanks for the brand on your Buckle jeans! :)

  6. this is really relaxed but so sweet outfit :)
    earrings look cute :)

  7. Yeah, you look AMAZING with those earrings. Love this outfit, I really love the loose fitting blouse.
    Love your little fence, smart smart. I might hire your husband to build some for my house. My baby is getting into everything:)

  8. Love the fence - it's PERFECT! Now Caleb won't topple the mannequin onto your head. Ü

  9. damn kids...jk. I feel your pain. Baby Nash is getting into evvverything!!

    Your hair is getting sooo long, I love it! And I love your darling little blog and your perfectly witty and clever posts. You're the cutest.

  10. Today's outfit= superb!

  11. I really like this simple outfit, good luck on the rest of the challenge!!!

  12. this outfit is my uniform. riding boots, jeans, belt and cute flowing top. Love it!


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