n i n e t e e n

 flats: target; jeans: buckle; top: sarah swapped; cardi: panache; belt: american eagle
my name is brandilyn and my eyes disappear when i smile.
 it's true.
when david and i were taking wedding pictures, the photographer tried to get me to smile with my eyes open. i ended up looking like this:
 which, honestly, is kind of creepy. so i went back to my squinty smile.

here's a stinky thing: david left me this week. he went to denver on a business trip.
i have a hard time when he leaves. i cry...i'm a bit of a weenie. i really love that guy and i'm just used to having him around. luckily, he's on his way back to me right now! i'm so, so excited.

i had a sleepover with shpitty while he was gone, though! we ate pizza and stayed up until 4am cracking stupid jokes. and then we slept until 10 and got stuffed french toast for breakfast. and now i'm going to take pictures of the bajillion new things we got in the store to post on the store blog.

p.s. i've done quite a bit of swapping with my 30 this time around.
please rest assured there is no cheating happening here...i know how concerned you guys get about these things! juust kidding. but really, i'm an L7 about keeping the rules.


  1. love love your yellow cardi!

  2. You're too funny. Have fun with you man when he gets home.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. I get squinty eyes too when I smile, which is weird because I have almost anime eyes. But I also have chipmunk cheeks and those tend to eat my eyes when I smile. Whatevs.

    North Meets South

  4. Oh my, my eyes disappear too!
    I love the yellow cardigan. Yay for spring and fun colors!

  5. Brandilyn you are just the cutest!

    <3 Alex from french class :) haha

  6. Love the yellow cardigan, especially with the blue makes me think spring :-)


  7. That yellow looks stunning on you.

  8. I found your blog through the 30 for 30 links on kendi everyday! I was pulled to your blog because of the name. Cats and cardigans are two of my favorite things ever. I love your blog and your clothes! our styles are so similar! Also, I also get made fun of for my squinty eyed smile, especially because my boyfriend has big eyes that never disappear.


  9. Girl, I so know what you mean about the squinty eye thing. Whenever I have to get pictures done the photographers are always like, "Okay...can you open your eyes a little wider? Okay...maybe not...no no, not like that...no, now you're squinty again..."

    LOVE this outfit, by the way. :)

  10. This outfit is so typical Brandilyn that it makes me miss you somethin terrible. Also, I love your new darker hair! I need to see you. Soon.


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