o n e

flats: target; jeans: buckle; tee: banana republic/sarah swapped; scarf: street vendor in oceanside; earrings: panache
one of thirty!
i was feeling simple this morning, but i'm happy with it. 

i'm cheerful and ready to be back at work in the store today after being pretty worn out come saturday evening...so that's a relief.
i've heard several different reports on the temperature this morning. they range from -19 to 3 degrees...so no matter how you put it, it's stupid cold out. bitter, freezing, mean cold.
and i walked home from school.
in flats.
me = stupid.

it's lucky i had bon jovi crooning (er, screaming) into my ear.
they really knew how to kill it with that slippery when wet album business.
perhaps you drove by me and saw me pumping my fist in the air and screaming, "WIIIIILD! WILD IN THE STREETS!" just kidding, i couldn't draw a deep enough breath to scream like that.

it's things like good music that help me feel warm inside amidst this frozen tundra. good music and long kisses from my husband. and leftover broccoli cheese soup and vanilla coke zero.


  1. you are so brave for being so 'naked' and there is snow? ...
    and brave for doind 30 for 30 again :)


  2. i like simple, looks good to me! :)


  3. Shorts sleeves AND flats...you are a trooper! Love that your scarf matches the wall behind you :) I loved seeing your picks for the last 30x30, so I am looking forward to this round!
    Enjoy your yummy soup and Coke and stay warm!!


  4. I love those jeans! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of jeans are they exactly from the Buckle?

  5. Super cute "simple" outfit but YUCK! It is way too cold outside for that cute outfit!

  6. annie, they're BKE brand...i'm not sure what style/fit they are though. i really like BKE, though--no rhinestone dragons or whatever sequined into the bum and they fit my body type well!

  7. Holy cow! How on earth did you wear that even for a second?!

  8. cute! i love that color green on the scarf and the building :)

  9. wait, you don't like rhinestone dragons on the butt of your jeans? crap. there goes my christmas idea for you this year... :)
    you look awesome. seriously. sometimes my simple outfits are my most favorite. and you haven't even touched 27 of your things yet, so you're ahead of the game, girl! nice!

  10. I too deal with very cold weather, not too bad to take the jacket off for a couple seconds for a photo, but your feet must've been freezing. Love that scarf!
    I have a link up every Wednesday for everyone who wears jewelry with an outfit, hope to see you there!

  11. cute! i love the green on green in this picture.

  12. I love that scarf! I also incidentally love broccoli cheese soup... YUM.

  13. So jealous you can wear that outfit right now. It's 9 degrees here. I haven't worn short sleeves in far too long.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  14. you can never go wrong with green!



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