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boots/tights: target; socks: gift; dress as skirt: old navy; cardi: kohl's; scarf: sarah swapped

this is what i look like when i look at david and say, "ok, i'm ready." but he's already taking pictures. he is...very sneaky (we watched mr. deeds the other night).  i'd like to eventually be a pattern-mixing ninja, so today i started with little baby steps and mixed stripes with floral. i don't want to get too crazy right off the bat, ya dig? but maybe someday...

speaking of baby steps...today i started my 30 day shred.
snowboarding saturday night made me feel so good that i decided to try to be active in some way every day this week. sadly, being a student and working in the store all day gives me little opportunity for exercise (although i do walk all over campus and home each day), so i'm making those opportunities for myself.

well, my awesome mom Haynes (mother-in-law always seems to have negative connotations to me, and i don't feel anything negative about my mother-in-law! she's the best. mom Haynes sounds better to me) gave me her copy of the 30 day shred DVD a couple months ago and today i finally used it. jillian michaels is kind of obnoxious! i've never seen biggest loser before or anything, so i didn't know what to expect. luckily, it seems to work for her because i've got a good burn in my muscles already and i'm motivated to do it again tomorrow. i might switch it up one of these days and do yoga for 20 minutes, but for now i think i need the structure the video gives my work out.

does anyone out there in internet world work out at home? what do you do?


  1. First of all, this outfit is great! Definitely my favorite so far.

    Second, is Kristine just the coolest the way she mixes patterns? I would love to be as bold as her, but like you, I'm doing baby steps. Oddly enough, today was my first baby-step pattern-mixing. Weird.

    Third, Jillian Michaels is a beast, annoying or not. I love her videos, but for yoga, I go to Baron Baptiste, the vinyasa videos.

    Sorry for the ridiculously long comment! And sorry for just making it longer. Oh wait, I'm not. ;)

  2. i agree. one of my faves!!

    love stripes and the green!

  3. You are gorgeous, love the outfit! And love the blog- will definitely be back!

    Have you ever tried P90X? It kicks your booty and there are so many DVD's that it doesn't get old!

  4. Bran, the 30 day shred is the workout for recent mommies who are in denial about their post-baby fate, not super hot college co-eds. However, my uncle swears by P90X.

  5. This is seriously my favorite outfit you've worn. It's perfect. I LOVE the floral with the stripes.

    I do some workouts at home. I prefer to crazy dance. Burns some good calories, but not so good at the muscle tone :) Jump squats are super amazing on your quads and toosh, and don't require any equiptment. I would invest in one of those huge bouncy balls for crunches though. and do them on your sides too. they're dee best (nacho libre).

  6. One day I shall mix patterns! I'm too chicken at this point.

    AT HOME WORKOUT DVD'S HAVE CHANGED MY LLIIIIFFFFEEE!!! I love 'em. None of this Hart-approved clothing, walk/drive out to the gym, with a thousand meat market creepers watching you or work out gurus judging. I'm trying to build up cardio and strength (I get winded after walking up two steps), which is a little harder to find.

    I use "The Firm: Total Body Makeover" ($9 at Walmart) and "10 Minute Solution: Hip Hop Dance Mix" (also $9 at Walmart). Neither is very mainstream, but I like them both! The Firm one has 4 different work outs, and the Hip Hop one has 5 different routines (10 minutes each). The "Firm" work outs are about half an hour each, and are just challenging enough to work you (if you're SUPER outta shape like I am), but not hard enough to kill you. The hip hop one is nice because if you don't have a lot of time, you can at least take 10 minutes to just get your body moving.

  7. Adorable darling! I love this outfit. Oh and thanks again for the ride today!

  8. gah! a sweet striped skirt and a beautiful floral scarf and an overall color palette to die for?!?!?! YOU WIN!!
    i work out at home...kind of. my exercise regimen of choice is jogging outside (yes, with 3 kids i've pushed a double jogger for more than 4 years now to accomplish this, but i've also run 3+ marathons, so it evens out), but in the winter i try to do dvds. my husb & i did p90x last fall (i felt so-so about it; not really a weight-loss regimen for me, which was what i wanted, but i did tone up, which was good), and i've tried odds & ends of other stuff. i just take it day by day, whatever i can fit in. and by "fit in" i mean "i'll do it only if i can't button up my pants that day."

  9. you look good, chicken legs.

    i work out at home 2 or 3 times a week! i made a workout playlist and do a little workout to it, so i know i'm going long enough!

    SO excited for tomorrow. seriously.

  10. Ha ha, Rach is right. I'm a recent mommy that did Jillian while in denial of my post-baby fate, boo hoo. I still do Jillian when I don't make it to the gym but the plyometrics are hard on my joints. I've done a little p90x but realized if I'm gonna workout at home I don't want it to be longer than an hour. I hear pilates is great?? Let's discuss it over dinner, Tuesday? Ok.

  11. I am doing the 30 day shred right now too (on day four)! I am normally a gym person, but I figured I would give Jillian a try too and I love/hate her.

    I actually just blogged about how I yell at her through my laptop screen during the workout haha, but it feels so good after! I hope we both get some awesome results in 30 days :)

    Spare Change Living

  12. Haha...I think Jillian is obnoxious too! I do like the workout though...so after I had done the video enough to know what was coming, I put on my own fun music, muted her sassy/rude comments, and had fun while getting a good workout (w/out rude comments)!

  13. haha, did you just call me a pattern mixing ninja!? YES!!!!! (Is it because I'm Asian...? Just kidding.)

    And you look great girl!! Probably my favorite outfit of yours. I'm just a fan of stripes and florals all the way around though!

  14. Hate hate hate the gym. So I've got myself a little collection of good work out dvds because I get bored SO quickly with doing one all the time :) Fave lately is Physique 57 and Cardio Party (Beach Body series—really great). The tricky part is getting motivated!!! :)

    Good luck with the exercise lady!!

  15. agreed, the p90x is the way to go, Branden(bro in law) bought it before he went into the marines for bootcamp to get into preshape, and nick(real bro) has been doing it and within three weeks saw serious results. Josh & I do the videos every now again but not regularly, but even for that they are great! I prefer other things, that aren't so stationary but in winter that is a little more difficult :) It is priceyish but worth it. have fun!

  16. I adore the green sweater paired with the stripes! Liking all your outfits actually!

  17. looooooove this outfit! i need (actually just want) more cardigans and scarves. and this outfit confirmed that need/want.

  18. favorite outfit so far! darling!!!

  19. Hi! I found your blog on the 30 for 30 list. Cute outfit!

    I sometimes use the Jillian DVD. She is soooo annoying, but I think the workout works. I also like doing Just Dance on the Wiii--it gives you an ok arm workout, and it's super fun. I'm also a fan of Winsor Pilates.

    p.s. I also love today's picture in the library!



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