s i x t e e n

boots: target; jeans/undershirt: panache; top: kirra; bracelets: gift/juicy; necklace: julie the fish
i am not a terribly exciting remixer today.
the thing is, i got my hair did* this morning (you like?!) and didn't have a ton of time to figure out an awesome outfit to wear before class/work. so i wore my favorite shirt and favorite jeans and favorite boots and favorite necklace. and glasses because i presented in my persuasion class and needed to look smart.

p.s. my mom got me these bracelets for christmas and kept saying, "you'll probably never wear them..."
well, guess what mom? i wear them. and i love them. and i get a lot of compliments on them.
(that was an inside joke with my mom...that's the 2nd time i've done that one here. rude, i know. but i just can't resist!)

this necklace is awesome.
i won it in a giveaway from julie the fish a while ago and it has a d, a ♥ , and a b. like david and brandilyn with love in the middle...get it?! cheesy but subtle...until i shove it in people's faces and demand that they tell me how adorable my necklace is.

i couldn't find it for the longest time and i was heartbroken because i love it so much.
well, while dumping out the contents of a little tote bag to take to our fancy hotel the night before valentine's day...my necklace fell out! i yelled and clapped and was just so very excited. it was a miracle. a valentine's day miracle.

*the only time i will use incorrect grammar on purpose, guys.


  1. love your hair!!! i need to see it in real life! jimmy johns lunch date at the store tomorrow? yes?

    and i use incorrect grammar ALL the time. do you still like me?

  2. yeah, I just got my hair done today and I got a lot of compliments on it as well. Lol.

  3. LOVE the darker color. But yeah you did use incorrect grammar. It's not "I got my hair did," it's "I gots my hurr did." Say it right!

    North Meets South

  4. Adore the bird frock, too cute!
    Ur one of my new favorite bloggers


  5. Love this outfit!! Your "family" pictures are adorable :) Seriously I love them!


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