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 flats: payless; tights: express; skirt: f21; top/blazer/scarf: sarah swapped
yep. half my outfit is from sarah's closet.
i originally hated the way this outfit looked with flats...but it ended up being a sensible choice when it came to (literally) dragging kicking and screaming children out of primary. we definitely had our most rowdy sunday yet with our little 4 year olds.

last night was...the best.
really, i can't find the words to say how awesome it was to be back on top of a mountain and flying through the freezing cold and wondering if maybe i should slow down because i could die but still wanting more speed. awesome. we didn't snowboard at all last winter because david busted his knee and i felt bad leaving him behind. i didn't realize how much i'd missed it until i was doing it again.
last night, we teamed up with skylar and sarah (my clothing sister!) to do some night boarding. i had the time of my life and want to go again next weekend...and the weekend after that...forever and ever, amen.
did you know that mine and david's first date was night boarding at kelly canyon? it's true.
here's a little comparison for you:
my face is definitely more frozen in the picture from last night.


  1. That looks like so much fun! I've never been much for skiing, but maybe snowboarding would be the answer!

    I love the comparison of pictures, you two are so cute together!


  2. i love your outfit, you look super comfortable yet still really cute. and i love skiing! i totally felt that way after i went for the first time! ... and then i never went again. i'm gonna regret that once i don't live by the mountains anymore. i hope you're able to go often! :)


  3. I like your first outfit!scarf is really cute.

  4. One day I MIGHT have the guts to try snowboarding.

    Also, I had a similar day in Primary. I'll probably write a big ole thing about it somewhere else...it demands a better venue than a comment.

  5. Girl, you are so classy. And you totally rock the high bun. Me... not so much. Matt's been trying to get me to go snowboarding, but I told him that I'll just learn in Japan, where I won't be able to understand people making fun of me.


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