t e n

boots: target; top: sarah swapped; cardigan: gift/kohl's; necklace: talonalia; belt: shade via panache
behold, my hair without any heat styling!
because i feel like being a frizzball sometimes. as soon as i walked outside today my eyeballs started watering. that snow reflects like crazy! these are my reflective snow squinty eyes.

so i usually go to the second floor of the library to study because that's the quiet floor. there's even signs: "if you want to talk, go to the first or third floor." i love it. libraries should be quiet, after all.

well, there's this nook on the second floor.  i like it there because i don't need a computer or a desk to do readings for post-modern lit, or to grade papers. it has cushy chairs, lots of sunlight streaming in through the windows, and pretty plants.  the problem is, though, whenever i go there...it's filled with this:
the most annoying thing in the world: a member of the large population of students who nap on campus. 
i see them everywhere--on the floors of building hallways, mostly. i find it obnoxious.  GO HOME IF YOU NEED A NAP! it's weird to sleep in public!

well, these people congregate in the second floor napping nook, probably for all the reasons i mentioned above. they take up all the cushy chairs, leaving people who actually want to study stuck on the noisy first or third floors.

this morning, though, i got to the library early.
early enough to get myself a spot in the napping nook, except i didn't nap there.
nope, i studied and enjoyed the view and sat right next to a heating vent and felt like a king. a king, i tell you!


  1. Good job studying!!! I love your outfit!! You look super cute :)

  2. Okay, I have to admit, I was guilty of the occasional on-campus nap! I really like your outfit though. The flowy shirt under the fitted cardi is very cute!

  3. Oh I LOVED a good on-campus nap between classes. But I preferred the couches in the Hinckley building. For some reason, people were always too afraid to talk and there was almost always no one there.

  4. You look adorable, green is your color -- it looks wonderful on you :)

  5. My hari would look like years:)))

  6. haha I totally know what you mean, although I have accidentally fallen asleep at the computer a few more times that I would like to admit. Not on purpose though I promise! :)

  7. I love that green! I might just use it for one of my wedding colors!

  8. I like your top a lot! I like that it looks soft and flowy even though it strapped in with the cardigan and belt.

  9. i took a LOT of naps on campus. usually in class. towards the end of my college career i started scheduling them. BUT, i was discreet. i found back hallways, and my boss started letting me sleep in the storage closet during devotionals and forums. i even slept through graduation. i have some sort of problem. perhaps.

    i can't believe your hair looks that good au natural. beachy waves? thanks!


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