t h i r t e e n

 boots/jacket: target; tights: kohl's; belt/dress: panache
1:00 church means sleeping in means fancy breakfast!

blah blah we celebrate love every day blah I HEART VALENTINE'S DAY!
ok, i see how dumb it is that we have to do nice things for each other because of a commercial holiday. but i'm enjoying the excuse to be sappy and do cheesy things. 
mr. david, you make life better. 
you make me smile and you are really sexy and i love you more today than i ever have before.
(did you know i wrote out our love story? you gotta click on the 'forever' link to read it.)

we kicked of valentine's day with a fancy breakfast.
and i lamented my pathetic little thumb.
oh, you didn't know that  have a mutation?! well, guess what, blends*?
i do.

my dad claims it's because my mom drank while she was pregnant with me.
she didn't know she was pregnant, of course. and she wasn't a mormon yet.
she said the hangover lasted 9 months. and her firstborn, me, came out with a wonky thumb.
it's ok, mom. the rest of me is pretty normal. and i still love you.

anyways, bitty thumb pretty freaking short. it never got in the way, though,...until david picked out this fancy oven mitt. it has a stiff thumb that helps you grab onto hot dishes. my thumb is too short so i can't use it.
so that happened today.

now we are going to go have cookies and small talk with our neighbors and tomorrow we will make out and say, "heeeeey valentine!" 
well, i will. david will probably just say, "hey, baby!"
happy valentining!

* natalie's word for blog friends. blends. get it?


  1. You should get better parking spots because you have a short, unusable thumb. Milk that thumb for all it's worth!

    We have 1:00 clock church as well. I like the sleeping in, hate coming home when it's dark. Blerg.

  2. Brandilyn do you remember when you told me (and i believed you) that a horse bit off your thumb and you had reconstructive plastic surgery???

  3. LOVE that dress, and that you have such a sweet relationship with your husband :)

    classic femininity

  4. my cousin was born with two thumbs on one hand. that's real!!!

  5. 1:00 church?! What. Ours is 10:45.. except they added a Saturday early evening service that is more convenient.. 1:00 is great!

  6. So cute! I agree with your Valentine's day philosophy. I posted something similar today. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! And I think your bitty thumb is cute :)


  7. OMG!! That alone will insure that I'll never touch that devilish elixir again! I do have to say, however, I DID have a good time. Sorry you have to pay for it for the rest of your life, though.


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