t h r e e

 boots/leggings: target; skirt: ny&co; top: thrifted/sarah swapped; belt: shade via panache

i had to take a close-up of this top because the snow reflection made the color in my outdoor pictures spaz out and it's too friggin' cold to go out & redo them. but i love this top. it feels so very feminine.
did i tell you sarah and i did a temporary closet swap? we did. it worked out really well 'cause we're of similar size and sarah wears really pretty clothes. i'm excited to mix her things into my wardrobe for a little while. we are clothing sisters. :)

today was weird.
i had a dream that my mom died and someone decided i was in charge of calling all of my extended family and filling them in. on the way to school, while telling david about said dream, i burst into tears and couldn't get myself to stop crying/hyperventilating.  don't worry, i called my mom and she's just fine. sheesh brandilyn.

then i saw a little squirrel sitting on the edge of a trash can on campus just a foot away from me! i stopped and i guess i had some dumb awe-struck look on my face because people kept giving me weird looks. but really, animals are just the coolest freaking thing ever!

and THEN, i walked home. i usually book it because it's freaking COLD, and when i stopped to wait for the light to change so i could cross the street, i started hopping up and down a little bit. you know, so my legs wouldn't freeze and fall off. and a lady waiting at the same light rolled down her window and asked if i needed a ride. really, she did! i thought that was so neat. i didn't, because i was so close to my apartment, but i thought that was just the sweetest thing. i'm lucky to live in a town where that doesn't = murder/kidnapping.

so the two good things kind of canceled out the one sucky thing.
and now i will eat my grilled cheese and vanilla coke zero and be happy and warm in my little store.


  1. You are adorable and I love you. You seriously look so h.o.t.t in a pencil skirt.

  2. it is SO cold latey, huh? i can't handle it. and i LOVE that top and those boots!! :)

  3. OMG, I had a dream that my mom was dying too and I woke up crying and I had to call my mom to make sure. I hate those dreams!! They're so scary!!!!!!

  4. Oh, I've had dreams like those and they feel *awful*. I almost feel traumatised once I've woken up!

    But on a happier note, I love your outfit today! That skirt is awesome - I've actually got one pretty similar :)

    Much love,
    Hannie - http://teaandbiscuits13.blogspot.com

  5. Ok, so I work and go to school on campus and one day I asked a kid walking up a big hill toward campus if he wanted a ride and he only looked at me as if I were crazzzzy and didn't respond. This post has inspired me to try forget my giving strangers a ride fears and try again.

    Also, I just read your about me and I think we are the same people, or at least soul-sisters. I am a creative writing major, I have a borderline dangerous diet coke addiction AND I have vanilla coke zero on my desk right now, and I read a lot and eat a lot of sandwiches, but really, I just think any quality person would do this.

    Also I LOVE that blouse.

  6. i love reading your blog! i love the idea of closet swapping. my friends and i alway said we should have a swap party and everything bring some of their favorite items and we swap for the month. it's fun to have new items that didn't cost a penny!

  7. The big tragedy of getting married (there are very few of these) for me was that I no longer shared a closet with Annie McNeil. My closet got cut in HALF. Granted, a lot of Jacob's clothes fit me, so...

    I love that you love animals. I want to go to Yellowstone with you in the late Spring. A date, yes?

    Also, a grilled cheese sandwich sounds freakin' AMAZING right now.

  8. Part of me is really sick but I'm still alive and pretty well. I love you and love how awesome you are!


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