t w e l v e

 flats: target; jeans/top: panache; necklace: truly sarah
 i swapped this top out for one i haven't worn yet in my 30. 
am i a cheater?! maybe. shut up. i don't care.

i set up a block of time this morning when i would be available in the campus library for students i TA for to meet with me and go over the paper they have due monday. i told them i'd be there from 8-10:30.
so i woke up and got dressed and headed up to campus around 7:45...only to find out the library opens at 9. i felt so bad. i hope no one came to meet with me at 8.
i went home, sent out an email apologizing, and then headed back up at 9.
do you know how many students came to meet with me?
one. and he came for the last 20 minutes.
i have had the longest week ever, and i seriously would have enjoyed sleeping in today.
ah well..i guess i did it to myself.

i couldn't be more excited it's saturday!


  1. This outfit is so cute! I love the hair choice.

  2. yay necklaces from sarah! yours is so pretty and i love the glasses and bright flats.

  3. CUTTTTEE!!! I like the shirt. I like the one pocket.

  4. seriously can you just wear one ugly outfit so i can just feel better about my outfit choices :) so cute!

  5. I love that necklace! Especially over the shirt. I'm sure non of those students were at the library before 9! I am going to take your button, it's adorable!

  6. Funny thing... I swear I own this shirt in blue! (From some random store in South Carolina....)


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