t w e n t y - o n e

  shoes: f21; jeans: buckle; top: panache; jacket/shades: target; headband: gift/belize
i went on a little date with myself today.
i bought myself jamba juice for breakfast and then drove to idaho falls and browsed. i saw some adorable oxford flats and had to slap my own hand away and remind myself about the 30 for 30...but then i felt bad, so i bought myself some mini donuts instead. i even picked up the tab for groceries at winco...i'm such a good date. i had a nice time by myself, but now i'm pretty excited for my rock climbing date with david later. i'm hoping the conversation is a little more interesting.

happy president's day!
my favorite president is abraham lincoln because he kept four cats in the white house. my kind of guy.


  1. I really like your jacket!
    Aren't dates with yourself the best? Ha... Its kind of relaxing in an odd way(:
    Have a good one.

  2. This is my kinda look, lady! I miss California...

  3. This reminds me of that song. . . "I'm a nut" Lol.

  4. yourself dates are amazing. love it.

    and i'm digging your headband! super cute.

    wishing you a sweet day!

  5. Did you get too fresh with yourself and have to slap yourself? That has been known to happen on self-dates.

  6. so, i was reading your post and you said you went to jamba and i was like..sweet, i used to work there...and then you said idaho falls? annnnd.. i live in idaho falls., thats so random, i never find fun bloggers from around here! :] can't wait to catch up on the rest of your posts!

  7. great jacket :)

    check out my GIVEAWAY!


  8. Love your nice big sunnies! Those shoes are pretty neat too!


  9. Love your outfit. Good job walking away from a pair of oxfords, especially affordable ones. I don't think I have that will power.

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