t w e n t y - s e v e n

 boots: kohl's; tights: express; skirt: ny&co; top/cardigan: sarah swapped; watch: gift/nixon; scarf: target
here's the bottom line, you guys.
i put this outfit on for the sole purpose of taking an outfit picture...i was going to keep the truth from you, but my hair gives it away! i have bed head! i knew you would discover the truth eventually.
i actually stayed in bed all day. i have some weird throat/ear thing. it hurts. or, as i would have said when i was little..."it hoots!"
while i'm on the topic of embarrassing revelations about myself, i'll just tell you this one: i couldn't say "R's" until like 5th grade. i had to go to speech class and everything. for most of elementary school i was "bwandilyn." people would say i had a cool accent and ask me where i was from. "amewica."

anyways, here's a super sweet panoramic picture david took with our super sweet new camera:
all three people are me! i moved around in the ballroom to create this stunning special effect for you.
by the way, isn't the ballroom awesome? it's in the building we live in. we walk through it all the time and it's probably really irritating to the people dancing in there. fun fact: zumba class is the bane of my existence. it is my nemesis. it makes my whole apartment vibrate and the instructor looks like a crazy woman and she always shrieks right in my face if i walk through her class. well, sorry, lady. i live here.


  1. you are a freaking model.

  2. You and your bedhead look amazing.

  3. i really like this outfit! the yellow looks great. hope you feel better!

  4. So I have to say this post made me chuckle. The idea of a ballroom in my building seems amazing till you say Zumba is held there. I have lots of hatred for Zumba for many reasons. Thanks for giving me another! Feel better soon.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  5. um, no, i would not have noticed bed head. i was too busy being enamored with your fabulous ensemble. that yellow scarf? it's practically the scarf of my dreams. and that's saying something, because you know (maybe) how i feel about my zigzag scarf. shhh. don't tell.
    hope your throat/ear/whatever stuff gets better. that stinks. maybe giving me your scarf would help? no? nuts. worth a shot.

  6. I really like your outfit and the way you let your personality shine in this post. You seem like a very fun girl.

    Feel better soon.


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