t w e n t y - t h r e e

 boots/tights: target; skirt: f21; top/cardi/pin: panache
i had to get a picture with these nutso icicles in the background.
pretty nutso, right?
also nutso: not only do my eyes disappear when i smile, my right eye closes more than my left eye. sort of a stink eye situation. it's lucky my eyeballs have nice colors in them, because their weirdness in pictures coupled with their complete and utter lack of vision would otherwise get them exiled.

i spent three hours here:
 grading papers last night. i thought i was so refreshed from my long weekend, but i think that did me in again.
also, two girls sat behind me and talked (for 20 minutes) about which stool softeners they prefer. i mean, really. i am somehow still astonished at the things people do in public.


  1. I get that with my eyes when I smile too... I call it my quasemodo eye :)

  2. ....just wait until you have a baby. Those stool softeners will be your bff....for like MONTHS afterwards. It takes awhile to get things going again after you push out a bowling ball!!!


    I know, SOOO much to look forward to.

  3. Ha ha, stool softeners...an everyday topic I guess?? Love your outfits and it seems like your 30 for 30 went by so fast, it's almost over!!
    P.S. I'm totally with you on the eyes disappearing topic, it's one of my best qualities.

  4. Hahaha! Stool softeners?!?! That's the first time I've heard that as library talk.

    I have the same problem. My husband calls it my smooshed eye. Oh and it's like that 24/7. Blerg.

    North Meets South

  5. sweet and casual.
    have youi enterd my GIVEAWAY???


  6. Omfg... why do people feel the need to talk about stool softeners in a public place? :(

    Cute outfit!

    Crazy icecicles!! Neat picture!


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