t w e n t y - t w o

flats: target; jeans/top: panache; necklace: truly sarah
today my hair feels long.
it's a good feeling. i've been growing it out for a long time.

do you want to hear a funny story about the day i cut all my hair off?

david's worked from home since i've known him. on that particular day, he was working and i kissed him good-bye to head to the salon. it was exactly one month after we got married (so sept. 2, 2008).
on my way home, i saw his car race by. it was unmistakeably him.
when i got home, i asked him where he'd been.
"what are you talking about? i've been here at home, working."
"what? no you haven't...i saw your car drive by."
"that wasn't me." i started getting frustrated. "you're lying! i saw you!"
i got a little nasty. i told him that if it were reversed and it were me driving around, he would demand that i tell him where i'd been. "no, i probably wouldn't."
i said, "fine, whatever. you're being a jerk." and stomped into our bedroom...
where a bouquet of lilies were lying on my pillow. 
the note read, "thank you for the best month of my life. i love you."

anyways, i always think of that when i remember cutting all my hair off.
just for posterity, here's my hair in various growing stages:
i definitely like it long..well, long-ish. where it's at now is long for me.


  1. Love your short hair. I used to have similar hair cuts and have been growing my hair out for about 2 years. It still doesn't look long to most people but to me it's crazy long!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Although if you ever chopped it off again, you'd still be a knock-out. That first pixie picture is darling!

  3. girlll you'd look good with a shaved head.

  4. i like it long too--but hey, you have a pretty enough face to pull off a pixie cut. not an easy feat.

  5. It's cute short, but I really like it long. looking good!


  6. Omg, I love that super short hair on you! I've always wanted a pixie cut, but I'm too much of a baby and just stick with a bob. Your hair looks good in all stages.

    North Meets South

  7. hey, cute, I must say, I love this middle short hair on you even better, but this is cute, I already forgot how it feels to have long hair :)

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  8. although I love the short hair it is getting long, I am also really liking the pop of color in your necklace.

  9. Cute outfit--I love those purple flats!

    owenandchelsey.blogspot.com (fellow 30x30 remixer)

  10. Cute top! I chopped my hair off too, took forever to grow back. I liked both, but waiting for long hair isn't really worth it.

    visit heyrecklessmind.blogspot.com

  11. i am SO into the really short!!!

  12. love those flats!

    and so theres hope that my hair will grow!

  13. hahaha. classic. i love it.

  14. Brandilyn! I did sorta the same thing on the day that Heath (Dewey) proposed! Ah. I was such a grump that day! Your hair looks amazing that short! VERY cute!

  15. Don't listen to them Princess! Short hair looks yucky on us! That picture is an illusion - a very rare picture of a good day with your short hair. Leave it long(er). You will ALWAYS look at your long hair pictures and like them better . . . I do.

  16. Oh my gosh you look freakin' AMAZING with sort hair!! Gah! Seriously! You're so lucky you can pull of short and long hair :)


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