t w e n t y

 boots/cardi: kohl's; tights: express; skirt: ny&co; dress as shirt: old navy; watch: gift/nixon
you might be saying to yourself, "why would brandilyn use such a blatantly awful picture of herself? why would she post such hideousness on the world wide web?"
well, don't worry. i won't leave you wondering.
my reasons are threefold.
1. i think it accurately depicts my attitude about today's weather. cold, wet, windy, just...blergh.
2. i didn't feel super hot today. fashion blogging is a funny thing. i know how narcissistic it seems to a lot of people, and i often wonder if it seems like i think i look stylish and put together every single day. well, guess what? some days i don't. like today.
3. i think it's important to laugh at yourself. i make fun of other people so much, i figure i shouldn't exclude myself from the mockery. please, feel free to point and laugh!

ok, i hope you're having a really great sunday. i hope you're warm and cuddled up to someone you love and eating lots of cheez-its.

p.s. i'm selling my little point and shoot. it's taken the majority of the pictures on this blog and has really been a great trooper. it's a canon powershot a590 in great condition...let me know if you're interested! $95.


  1. I love it when bloggers can laugh at themselves. It makes them seem more like real people! And you still manage to look beautiful!


  2. that's one funny pic and cute cardigan :)


  3. great shot, B. you look tres annoyed. like all you want in life is to be in sweatpants under the covers...did i guess right!?!?!!!

  4. I like that you put this picture up. It's the same way I'm feeling about the weather right now.

  5. Well... I like your outfit here. Despite the wind, and the hair in your face... you look nicely put-together. Good job! When the weather is crappy here, I lose inspiration and reach for slacks and a cardi... because I'm boring and lazy.

  6. Hehe...I know how that goes...esp with the 30...pressure!

  7. oh my gosh this is so hott.


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