t w o

a few things about today:

1. i wore this outfit. which isn't very exciting.
i swear my 30x30 will get AMAZING soon. just not today...
shoes: f21; jeans/necklace/sweater: panache; tee: target little girl's section (woops)

2. i was flipping through my notebook looking for notes from awhile ago and realized this:
 i am a doodler.
the thing is, i'm still paying attention while i doodle. i just like my hands to be busy.
also, i'm apparently excited to make peanut chicken tonight...

 3. as of today, i have been married 2.5 years!
this is not a big anniversary.
for this reason, i kept joking with david and saying, "oh man, i'm so excited to see what you're getting me for our big anniversary!" and he would say, "yeah, i can't wait to see what YOU get ME!"
so i actually got him a gift. maybe that's not funny to you, but i thought myself hilarious.
p.s. it was just a byui alum license plate frame 'cause he graduated in december. 
i was going to get him one anyways.


  1. 1. my dad is a doodler too. except he only draws squares and cubes. hahahahha

    2. LOVE brown paper wrapping and adore that yellow yarn bow. SO CUTE!

  2. 2.5 years is a very important anniversary! It's like 25 but with a decimal point. And as we all know, decimal points are cool.

    Also, I like the simple outfits. They look great.

  3. The outfit may only be simple, but I think it's pretty fabulous! I love that cardigan - very ladylike!

    Much love,
    Hannie - http://teaandbiscuits13.blogspot.com

  4. I like this outfit (those shoes are so fun!). And I really like your wrapping! That's exactly how I wrapped my Christmas presents this year! :)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  5. Your shoes are adorable. I am a doodler too. I like to doodle flowers and suns. :)

  6. I love your shoes!!
    They are soooo cute!


  7. oh hey I'm a doodler too! I usually get in trouble for it though, cause it looks like I'm not listening, but I really am!! haha
    I love your present wrapping too! That pom pom is totally cute :)
    Hope you had a great mini-anniversary! :)

  8. love the human mannequin setting! oh, that bike. i'm in love. and you're adorable as ever. happy (kind of) anniversary. (please stick the "kind of" to the anniversary part of that last statement, NOT the "happy" part...) :)

  9. those shoes are awesome!

  10. Yay for 2.5 years! Cute outfit :)

  11. p.s i adore your cats&cardigans logo a lot.

  12. Happy 2.5 year anniversary! I like how you celebrate the half anniversaries. That's a good reason to celebrate. And you are too cute. And I love your doodles. That is all.


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