blankity blank

 boots/tights/socks: target; dress: gap; top: panache; bobby pins: etsy/westergard
i had to post a picture of the awesome creepiness that is my new bobby pins from westergard. i love them...and it was snowing when we took pictures today, i don't have dandruff. yuck.

today..i am drawing a blogging blank.
i think it's mostly because my life is consumed with end-of-semester projects, papers, and tests right now...and i just don't think that's a terribly interesting thing to read about (at least not for you...believe me when i say that my professors are fascinated by the intelligence and insight my projects, papers, and tests display).

other things happening in my life: 
-my entire apartment is being rocked by the ballroom above me...picture tech music accompanied by jolts that rattle the dishes in my sink. pleasant, no?
-david and i stay up way too late each night playing scrabble, resulting in all-day fatigue...which is miraculously lifted each night just in time for another round.
-we're getting ready to head to southern california for spring break in two weeks. i can't wait.
-we're having breakfast for dinner.

also: if anyone out there is dairy-free, i bought udi's double chocolate muffins today and they are delicious. they made me david's new favorite person...just kidding, i already was. i did get a kiss out of the deal, though! awesome.


  1. 1. you guys should get banana grams! even more fun than scrabble.

    2. when you're in socal, would you maybe perchance possibly be passing through a little town called cucamongross? ;)

  2. I'm loving the new blog look!

  3. Cute outfit!! And It's so true about staying up late with your man. Exhausted all day, then wide awake full of energy when you see him! I put new engagement pictures up on my blog by the way, and we totally look like part time models. We were in the top three on the street for sure.

  4. those bobby pins are not awesomely creepy - they're just awesome. and love the top!



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