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kate took my pictures today! she's the beeeest.
are any of you out in blog-world writers?
do you ever read something and think to yourself, "my goodness, i've just been handed a story"?
that totally happened to me today.
i found this article about people with BIID, a disorder that causes them to want to be amputees. they do everything in their power to remove a limb they feel is unnecessary. it's the most bizarre thing.
i read the article with a familiar tingle in the back of my neck...a tingle that told me, "you've got to write a story about this." and now i'm just frustrated that i have finals and work getting in the way of writing time. why can't my days just consist of attending english classes, writing, reading, and eating grilled cheese on sourdough? i could spend my nights dating my husband, admiring his handsome face and cracking our usual silly jokes. everything i submitted for publication would be enthusiastically accepted and my writing would make enough money to fund a gorgeous wardrobe. my rescued cats would sit in my lap, purring, while i read and write and they would have those space-age litter boxes that do all the clean-up for me. maybe i would have a huge, oldenburg horse named george that would live in my sunny backyard i would ride him every afternoon as well. lilies would bloom outside my windows all year long and i would never gain a pound. it could happen, right?
how about it, universe?


  1. That article freaked me out....

  2. i'm a writer. i think your fantasy life is perfectly plausible, maybe. i often pretend my freelance writing will become more than enough to pay for the extra utilities i use being at home all day. no cats for me, though, maybe a rescued puppy whose poop magically got sucked into the yard to make our grass green. and large chunks of my day would go to playing at the park with my daughter, who would age, but then magically become a baby again when i closed my eyes and tapped my heels. oh, and i'd be in a ridiculously large apartment with a huge terrace (yard for dog poop) and potted garden, in manhattan. if you're in good with the universe, give a nudge and wink for my fantasy, will ya?

  3. that article is crazy! never heard of such a thing...
    i love love LOVE the silhouette of your outfit here. cropped pants with those shoes? you win. adorable.

  4. I watched a documentary on thees people a few years ago. One person even put his legs in dry ice and pretty much destroyed them so that they had to be amputated... most people are happy with their decisions, but I've heard of a few who regret it. That really is some craziness right there.

  5. that is so crazy-weird. the best short-story i ever wrote was about a girl who was sick and jumped off a cliff because she thought she could fly. best... or worst.

  6. Ok, this is hilarious. I write from time to time, but am by no means a "writer" by trade. My boyfriend, however, is currently wrapping up his application for the This American Life internship, and we've been talking about writing and how we wish it had magical (and monetary) powers all week long.


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