flats: ebay; tights: kohl's; skirt: handmade!; top/necklace/belt: panache
i made another skirt! so very fancy...and so very easy. also, so very crooked...
i think things got a bit twisted between sitting in classes and walking home today.

when we take pictures, david always says, "why not in front of the dumpster today?" and i laugh and head for the brick wall or the lime green building or the staircase. today, my friend michelle took my pictures...and when we walked out she said, "we should take them in front of the dumpster!" and i said, "you know what? let's do it." i hope it makes david laugh when he sees them.

did you know that we have tanning beds at panache? it's true. we do.
to be very truthful with you, it's my least favorite part of my job
(which, honestly, isn't too bad. owning a clothing store rocks).

a.) cleaning tanning beds is icky.
b.) i answer about 10 phone calls a day with the same questions about tanning over and over and over.
c.) tanning is very bad for you. i hate providing a service that harms people, even though they do it voluntarily.
d.) did i mention cleaning beds? yeugh.
well, with the end of winter coming, our tanning business is picking up like crazy. i feel like i spend 50% of my time running back and forth cleaning beds and the other 50% reciting our prices into the phone.
i would so much rather just sell clothing.
clothing is my friend.

and that's all i have to say about that.

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if neither of these apply to you, disregard this message.


  1. I think David is right.. nice background! And the tanning beds sound nasty. Though I still think I'd trade my paperwork for a cleaning job...

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  3. OMG one of our engagement pictures was taken in front of a dumpster. you're cute. we were totally weirded out. the photog ended up being so obsessed with the picture that she put it on her website. wanna see?


    go to galleries
    pick "together"
    scroll down to the 3rd page
    we are the first pic. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE DUMPSTER. WHAT???

  4. don't judge me but i've totally thought about (get that, it was in the past) tanning. the thought went away pretty soon after but i just wanted pretty skin. then i realized i rock and don't need tan skin to have pretty skin. so now i'm still beautiful AND i won't get skin cancer. go me!
    yeah i can't imagine cleaning off those gross beds, all that sweat from various body parts *shudder*.

  5. I'm with you, tanning is one of the worst things ever invented. Have you ever seen those 40 year-old women who look like they are 70? Yeah, they went tanning.

    North Meets South

  6. I love your skirt! I think you did awesome! And I agree. Tanning beds are totally icky!!

  7. ha ha i love the dumpster!

  8. I just want to know if you don't like the tanning why do you have it? Is it in your contract that you must keep the tanning beds in? I don't know, if I had something that I knew was bad for other people I wouldn't sell it. Otherwise how is that different than selling alcohol and cigarettes?

  9. i'm always in awe when people make stuff. i can't make anything. except for cookies. so i'm pretty impressed with your allegedly crooked skirt. it looks great to me!


  10. favorite outfit yet. the color of the skirt. the black tights with the oxfords. i love it all!

  11. desorden150- fair question! i've often thought the same thing myself.

    the tanning beds were there when we bought the store; our salon area is set up especially for them. it brings a lot of business into the store (thought not nearly as much as it used to--we hardly advertise it at all), so we keep them in there purely for business reasons.

    i feel that it's different from cigarettes or alcohol from a moral perspective; i have a moral issue with those things. so far as tanning goes, it's not against my standards...i just don't think it's a smart thing to do.

    people are also required to sign a release of liability explaining all the dangers of tanning, and if asked my opinion on the matter, i'll give it freely.

    we've had several people who come in because tanning helps with their seasonal depression or skin diseases (like eczema).

    sorry to leave a novel in response, i really did think that was a good question and wanted to respond completely!

  12. I want a tutorial on how to make that skirt!!!! I love it! love the color, love how it looks with the belt around it, love the outfit!

  13. you are ADORABLE! that skirt is so cute, good job :)

  14. your skirt is awesome! before i even read it i was wondering where you got it! good job

  15. pictures by the dumpster ... what a cute idea!

  16. this outfit is adorable. love the colors together. and that skirt? i might be coveting it.

    ps, thanks for mentioning the giveaway :)


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