shoes: f21; jeans: target; tee: panache; sweatshirt: RVCA; jacket: BB dakota via modcloth; headband: gift from my momma's trip to belize
welcome to my casual monday.
i don't dress up on mondays. nuh-uh, no way. it's my only day off and i love it.
this is the jacket from twilight. even though i'm not a twilight fan in the least, i am a blue jacket fan.

hey guess what?
i like elephants. a lot of people do, i think, which is very cool.
elephants are awesome. so big and graceful. their eyes kill me.
i was reminded about this tee shirt in the bottom of my tee shirt bin last night when i wanted to take pictures of mine and david's rings on their ring holder:
(can you tell i just discovered the macro setting on my new camera??)
when my mom went to washington state to help my aunt move, the commented on the ring holder she had sitting next to her sink. my mom told my aunt it reminded her of me because i love elephants. and would you believe it, my aunt gave it to my mom to give to me! isn't that the sweetest thing ever? i just love this little guy. he actually came in the same package as the headband i wore today. here's a better look at his cuteness:
aaaw! he holds our wedding rings safe and sound each night on the bathroom counter when we take them off before bed and reminds me of my awesome aunt gail.

p.s. i got SPOTLIGHTED on brittany's blog, population 250, today! i've never been spotlighted before. brittany is probably one of the nicest people you'll ever meet--and she's a fellow boutique owner, so we're kindred spirits. thanks for spotlighting me, brittany! it was a lot of fun :)


  1. Congrats on being spotlighted! That's so exciting and official sounding =)

    That elephant is super cute, they're magnificent creatures aren't they. It makes me smile just thinking about elephants, I too love them.
    Oh and I love that your hubby has a ring with diamonds too! My hubby's ring matches mine with sapphires and diamonds, I feel special knowing that other people won't have our same rings... It's the little things that matter, right?
    Happy Monday!

  2. That ring holder is precious!

    I love your headband! So colorful!

  3. I really like your claddagh ring! and that like elephant is too cute!

  4. such a cute ring holder! and can i just say that i'm in love with elephants, too? in fact, our little girl's first toy is an elephant. we're trying to get her started on the right path.

    and thank you for your sweet comments on the blog! i'm a fan of your blog, too!

  5. AH i don't like twilight either. i'm glad i'm not the only mormon girl that feels that way. but i also LOVE that jacket. i think i saw it on modcloth.com like a year ago and it was sold out because everyone wants to look like bella. apparently. i'm glad you have it though cuz it's totally cute.

  6. oow that's a cute ring holder!
    I like so much your outfit, perfect for a day off!

  7. I LOVE that ring holder! It's exactly what I need! Elephants are the cutest.

    Born To Be Styled

  8. i just saw that the blogger meet up is going to be held at your shop!! i'm so excited to come and meet you!


  9. Congrats on being spotlighted, I love that little elephant! Random gifts like that are the best.

  10. You claddagh ring is such a unique one! I loove it.
    My little sister is in love with elephants and would kill for your shirt!

  11. just discovered your blog! this is great casual look!


  12. givemethatshirt. NOW.


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