boots: modcloth; tights/tee: target; skirt: panache
welcome to my apartment!
aside from the dancing hippos in the ballroom above us, we love our little home. i think someday when we live on a little ranch on 50 acres we'll laugh at how small this space we've lived in for two years is.
right now it's husband-less and it feels sad and empty. luckily david's only gone for a teeny amount of time on business in atlanta (he gets to see his parents--lucky duck!), but i miss him terribly while he's away.
in the mean time, i'm watching the bach season finale, painting my nails seafoam green, and watching 10 things i hate about you. 'cause that's how i roll.


  1. Super cute tights! Wow...really trying not to covet here...haha.


  2. love your outfit! And all the rest too. I miss you girl!

  3. Sounds like such a fun time relaxing!!! Love your outfit! :)

  4. You look hawt. Oh and I love your dancing hippos comment ha ha ha. It made me laugh, really hard.

  5. your. tights.

    just. died.

  6. looooooooooove these tights. and emily. and sushi. and girl scout cookies. and eating a whole thing of cheesecake. and talking until midnight. and "friday, friday, friday!" and you.

  7. I think you might love pencil skirts as much as I do!


  8. i love those tights. so cute.

  9. my favorite boots and skirt!!!! love love love!

  10. love those tights! which brand are they? do they have reinforced toe? still looking for a pair...

  11. oh my! how long ago did you get those tights? they had them at jcrew but they were way too much $. i want!

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