oxfords: ebay; jeans/bracelet: panache; undershirt: layers; sweater: american eagle
david came home today!
this trip was the longest we've been apart since the beginning of 2008...so you can imagine my relief at his safe return. my days felt empty and strange without him in them.

i spent my morning cleaning house. i really do love making our little apartment look nice, especially since david is so appreciative of my efforts. i started thinking about how we won't be in this apartment for too much longer, got a bit nostalgic, and snapped a few cell phone pictures of my favorite things in our home:
 the wall above our couch and our windowsill overlooking main street
 the picture on the left is of my mom's parents. it's the only picture i have of them together and i love it; it's so special to me. the picture on the right is one of our engagements--today was the first time i looked at a photo of david and i and thought, "wow, we look so young." it was a bittersweet feeling.
sarah made me this jewelry tree! isn't it awesome?! she is insanely creative (which, mind you, is different from being crafty). i love my new tree and started draping necklaces on its branches as soon as i brought it home, which is why it still sits on my kitchen table.


  1. i love the scarf. and yes, being creative is different from being crafty.

  2. taco bus soon? landon is buying a bike soon and needs to talk to dave. okay i made that up... but i bet they talk about it.

  3. Oh dang! Just when I started liking that whole "crafty" image I had going on ha ha. You look great!

  4. holy cow i love that jewelry tree idea! so clever.

  5. Have to comment on the jewelry tree, it's pretty amazing.

    Also, very sweet to have a picture of grandparents up.

  6. And I LOVE that you still have my grandmother's etched glass art up. Makes me happy

  7. I love the little pot that tree is in! So cute! I get nostalgic over looking at my wedding pictures -- mostly because I wish I looked that young and wrinkle free!

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