hot stuff

  sandals: maurice's (?); dress as skirt/belt: panache; cardigan/watch: target
this is not what i wore today. this is what i wore yesterday. 
you don't get to see what i'm wearing today because i look poopy. anyways..
i love this dress.
L-O-V-E love. know why? it's like wearing pajamas. i actually kept the leggings i wore to bed on underneath. my momma has a matching one, because i like having matching clothes with people i love.
david and i had the best sunday ever yesterday. we really, really love sundays.
we made a delicious dinner and i squeezed david's bum while he was pulling a pan of tortilla chips (homemade!) out of the oven. when he said, "hey! i'm holding something hot!" i replied, "me too, babe...me too." sometimes i get a little saucy on sundays. it's okay, though, 'cause we're married. and he likes it.


  1. Oo, I just LOVE this dress. A girl in my ward has the same one (or at least one made with the same fabric), and I just admire it every time she wears it to church. Love those vivid colors!

  2. Haha! One time I was wearing a pencil skirt and bent over to put a pork roast into the oven. My husband calls out, "Nice rump...roast." But it was totally scandalous b/c we were only dating, haha!

    North Meets South

  3. ...Zing! You are cute and funny and I miss you.

    Me + Here = Zero girls/women I really want to hang out with.

  4. I need that dress. Seriously. Got one in stock lady? I'm comin to TOWN! :)

  5. i love this whole post. and your dress. :)


  6. Hahahhahha! I laughed so hard. You and your husband are adorable. I wanna be like that someday... :P

    Btw. The outfit is bomb. And the food is making me salivate.


  7. I haven't read your blog for awhile, but I caught up on the last few posts! I forgot how much I liked you! You're so funny and sweet! I might just use that line with my future husband and claim it as my own as long as there's no objections. :)

  8. do you still have that dress in your store?i would love to shop long distance! my email is ashleypaige985@hotmail.com thanks!!


  9. i want this dress now... you look SUPER pretty bran i love this

  10. aw, thanks for all the dress love, you guys! we actually had this dress last year, so it's sadly no longer available at panache :( we've got lots of other pretty things, though! panache57.blogspot.com

  11. Wow. I totally stalk your blog all the time via Meagan's blog roll and I couldn't stalk without commenting today. This dress as a skirt has me drooling! Maybe it is because I am so tall and the thought of any skirt brushing my feet gets me giddy. Seriously though--outfit envy.

  12. That dress is especially matching-clothes awesome because both Carrie and I have one too!

  13. I was going to ask where I could get that dress too... I did read your reply that you no longer sell it and ALSO looked at your clothing blog store. AWESOME store! I would shop there anytime (but i am far away - hawaii), and I would've definitely bought that dress if it was still there. But really, i love your clothing!


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